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Looking at the incredible AI-art everywhere and wondering how to get started?

Midjourney is the most recommended AI-art generation tool not only because it not only easy to use, but also because the results that come out of it are simply incredible. A new update, V4, released November 2022 has pushed the limits of AI-art, and here we have a list of cool prompts you can try.

Midjourney was launched in March 2022 and now has more than 4 million members. The odd thing is you do not use the software from a website or app. Instead, you message a bot in Discord and the bot replies with your art.

Why did the team do this? The CEO has said that he wanted to make Midjourney a social experience. You might not know what to tell the bot to generate, but if you are in a Discord server you can see what other people are generating, and then try to imitate the results that you like.

The official Midjourney documentation can be found here.

Additional info

Visual Styles Reference Index

While Midjourney does provide an official searchable reference for artists’ styles + vfx and general visual art techniques, it is far from comprehensive and does not always give a good sense for how a particular keyword will impact figures and environments.

Happily, a number of good publicly editable reference guides have cropped up that supplement the official reference but at time of writing, many of those remain as documents and spreadsheets in individual cloud-based storage drives.

This section of the wiki was initially intended to make a particular one of these spreadsheets (called “Artist Ref” at time of writing) easier and more accessible to those who contribute to it regularly.

Individual Artist Styles

Individual Artists and/or Artistic Teams

Photographers and Cinematographers

Artistic Movements & Genres

Historical Movements, Schools, and Styles

Contemporary Genres & Pop Culture Aesthetics

Aesthetics from Other Popular Media Works


Video Games

Techniques of Visual Art and Design

Visual Styles Associated with Software and Online Platforms & Communities




Getting Started

1. Join the Discord Server

Join the Discord server at:


You will need a Discord account to use Midjourney.

You can download the app for iOS or Android, or get the Desktop version.

2. Navigate to the Newbie Channel

Misc threads > Newbie

The Discord server may seem slow and chaotic. After all, hundreds of thousands and people are entering prompts at the same time!

Unfortunately, it is the only way you can use Midjourney for free. Not to worry. Later if you decide to pay, you will private message the Discord bot your prompts directly.

Navigate to the “newbie channel” under misc-threads.

3. Type your Prompt!

Type a prompt that begins with “/imagine

You can try something like:

/imagine village inside lofty mountains

The bot will take a while and then message you when it’s done with something like this:

You can modify with as descriptors and adjectives as you’d like

/imagine european knight, riding a horse, black armor, sunny day

You can use “by” or “style of” to convey you want something in an Artist’s/art movement’s particular style:

/imagine zombies in new york, style of pablo picasso

You’ll see below every generation there are buttons: U1, U2, U3, U4.

And V1, V2, V3, V4.

These correspond to the quadrants of the image, in order starting from the top left.

If you want to upscale an image, meaning make it higher resolution, press a U-button.

If you want to create variations of an image, press a V-button.

Upscale that Image!

The cool part about upscaling the image is you have 3 new options:

  • Upscale to Max: This will take the same image but output it at the maximum resolution
  • Light Upscale: This will redo the upscaling using a different method that tries not to add as much detail to the image.
  • Beta Upscale: This wwill redo the upscaling using a more efficient method that creates a much higher resolution image from the start.
  • Remaster: (you have to try this one) This is a very powerful remaster that can completely transform the image (for better or worse)

The remaster may give you multiple options, by which you a repeat the commands:

To get the highest resolution image possible, make sure you click the image in Discord and then click “open original”. This will open a link to the image on Discord’s servers, and you can save the image.

And that’s how to get generating!

Remember that new users only have 25 free queries (this includes ALL upscales and variations).

After you’ve used them up, you will need to buy a membership. You can check the pricing table here.

Stuck for ideas on what to do with this incredible piece of software?

Try these:

What are you creating in Midjourney? Let us know in the comments below!