Adding the Midjourney Bot to Your Own Discord Server

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You may have seen people jamming together with Midjourney in random Discord servers. It’s simple to invite the bot, and a great way for server members to collaborate on prompts.

Even if you don’t run an AI-art Discord, you can still set up this bot in a single channel so that your members can have fun, creative experiences together!

Note: Only people who have paid for Midjourney will be able to use the Midjourney bot commands in your server

Multiple people using the Midjourney bot in the same server

1. Join the Midjourney Discord Server

You can join the Midjourney Discord server by clicking here.

Then click on any channel, such as #announcements.

2. Find the Midjourney Bot

You can find the Midjourney Bot in any channel, near the top of the list.

3. Add the Midjourney Bot to Server

Click on the Midjourney Bot, and you will see the option to Add to Server.

You will be asked to choose which server to invite the bot to. Note: you will only be able to invite the bot to servers you are the Owner (little crown icon above the name). Even if you have Admin permissions but are not the Server Owner, you will not be able to invite the bot.

Specify the correct server

4. Authorize Permissions

Click Authorize; you will need to agree to all permissions to add the Midjourney Bot

Get Collaborating!

That’s all you have to do! The bot is now in your server and you can type /imagination in any channel to start using it.

Other members will be able to redo your prompts, as well as Upscale them and create Variations.

We collaborate with the Midjourney Bot a ton in the AiTuts and Prompts Discord server. We'd love for you to join us to push the limits of what these tools can do.

You can limit which servers the Midjourney bot is usable in by following this guide.

Here’s a video on limiting the bot to certain servers:

Yeah, AI moves way too fast

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