How to Cancel Your Midjourney Subscription





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You can cancel your Midjourney subscription by using your Discord account to log in to the Midjourney website.

Go to midjourney.com and click on the 'Sign In' button.

If you are already signed into Discord, all you have to do is allow the Midjourney bot to access your Discord account.

Click 'Authorize'

If you are not signed into Discord, you'll be redirected to a sign-in screen:

On the left sidebar, click on "Manage Sub".

Next to the "Plan Details" title there is a small "Manage" button. Click on this.

They always make these things hard to find.
cancel midjourney subscription on mobile screenshot
Mobile view

Click on the "Cancel Plan" button that pops up:

cancel plan button midjourney

Click Confirm Cancelation. That's all you have to do.

Your plan will cancel at the end of the current subscription period.

That means can keep on using Midjourney until the end date. You can check this date in the Billing and Renewal section on the website, or by messaging the Midjourney bot "info".

Since you still have access, you can try some more cool prompts.

Help! I've deleted my Discord account

Many people believe that if they delete their Discord account, they will also cancel Midjourney. They are surprised when they are still billed, and can no longer log in to midjourney.com and cancel their subscription.

Here's what to do: make a new Discord account and join the Midjourney Discord server. Explain your situation in the support channel. The moderators can cancel your plan and issue you a refund.


Can I still use Midjourney until the end of my subscription period, even after I have canceled?

Yes, the cancellation will happen at the end of your billing cycle, and you can use Midjourney and your remaining fast hours until that date.
(You can also uncancel your plan before the end of the cycle)

I didn't want to continue my Midjourney subscription, but I forgot to cancel and have already been billed. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can. Send a message describing your situation in the #member-support channel in the Midjourney Discord

After I cancel, can I still view my old generations in chat with the Midjourney bot?

Yes you can. Midjourney will not delete your old images.

After I cancel, will I still have a profile and gallery on the Midjourney showcase website?

Yes, you do. Midjourney will not remove your gallery.

After I cancel, do I still have commercial rights to use my generated images?

Yes, you keep your commercial rights to all images.

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14 thoughts on “How to Cancel Your Midjourney Subscription”

  1. Thank you! I was pulling out my hair trying to find this info on the Midjourney site. You saved me a lot of time! Thank you so much!

  2. Hi,
    I deleted my account with Discord before cancelling any subscription in my ignorance I thought that would motivate the cancelation of the subscription. That’s not the case and I’m still being charged. I can’t seem to redeem my old account to follow the instructions you have above.
    Any tips I what I might be able to do?

  3. I think I’ve run into a bug with canceling my subscription. I canceled mine over a month ago through the account portal listed in this guide. Today I got charged again. When I log into my account and go to Manage Sub the only options I have are to start a new subscription. I did a find on page for manage and cancel and there are no buttons for me on the page.

    I can’t even join the #member-support channel since my subscription isn’t technically active. Any advice? Only solution I can think of is having my credit card dispute the charge.

    • Hey Stephen, I recommend you explain your situation in the #trial-support server. Since you have your account link, you can let the Midjourney team know what your old account was. I can’t say for certain, but it’s very likely you’ll get a refund.

  4. Hey!

    I wanted to get one month subscription. I didn’t note that the price was for one month but the subscription was for one year. Can I “downgrade” the one-year subscription to one-month and get refund? I did it today. I will definitely not use Midjourney for all year, I just wanted to make some images for fun.


  5. Hey, it looks like they’ve eliminated a few buttons, making your step by step instructions incorrect. I am going crazy trying to unsubscribe.

  6. I mistakenly subscribed for a year and would like to pay for each month separately. If I cancel the subscription, will I get my money back? A large amount was deducted from my account.


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