How to use Midjourney’s stylize command (with examples)

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Midjourney’s Stylize command determines how artistic (and for lack of a better word, stylistic) your image will come out. In most cases, upping the stylize value will improve the quality of your images.

The Midjourney Team themselves have been quoted saying ‘stylize’ will increase the image quality and decrease the probability of mistakes.

Why wouldn’t you use the maximum stylize value all the time? The higher the ‘stylize’ value, the more freedom Midjourney has to deviate from the prompt (it’s similar to the CFG Scale setting in Stable Diffusion).

I’ve also noticed diminishing returns with this command: a little bit of stylization is always good, but beyond that increasing it won’t make the image better too much.

You can use it by including “--stylize” or “--s” in your prompts.

You can specify a stylize value anywhere between 0 and 1000 (if you are using Midjourney V3 the range you can use is 625 to 60000).

The default stylize value is 100. For Midjourney V3, the default stylize value is 2500.

Stylize Comparison

In order to isolate the impact of the stylize command, we will specify a seed (--seed 1). You can think of the seed as the ‘starting data used to generate the image’.

If you use the same prompt and same seed to generate 2 images, you will get very very similar results. This means you can use the seed to make modifications to an image.

Full PromptStylize ValueImage
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 0 0beautiful day castle
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 100 100 (default)
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 250 250
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 500 500
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 750 750
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 1000 1000

You can see after 250, the differences are not huge.

Note: Midjourney V4’s 0-1000 range is much more constrained than Midjourney V3’s 625-60000 range. If you want wilder generations, change your version to V3 (type ‘/settings‘ then click the V3 button) and bring the stylize value up to 60000:

Full Prompt (Using Midjourney V3)Stylize ValueImage
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 625 625
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 10000 10000
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 20000 20000
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 30000 30000
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 40000 40000
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 50000 50000
beautiful day --seed 1 --stylize 60000 60000

At the highest stylize values you can see Midjourney introduces completely random elements that are not present in the prompt.

Set your default Stylize value

You can set a new default stylize value by typing /settings and changing the value from there.

  • Style low: same as adding --s 50 to all prompts
  • Style medium: same as adding --s 100 to all prompts
  • Style high: same as adding --s 250 to all prompts
  • Style very high: same as adding --s 750 to all prompts

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