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Midjourney has a $10/mo plan, a $30/mo plan, $60/mo plan, and a $120/mo plan.

If you just want to take it for a test drive, Midjourney comes with a free trial of 25 generations, which you can use immediately upon joining the Discord.

Midjourney Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing tiers and how much usage they give you:

Basic Plan

  • Cost: $10/month ($8/month with yearly subscription)
  • Fast GPU hours: 200 minutes/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Not Available

Your 200 minutes of GPU time go by much faster than you realize.

Standard Plan

  • Cost: $30/month ($24/month with yearly subscription)
  • Fast GPU hours: 15 hours/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Unlimited

This is the plan we recommend for most people. With this plan, you get around 1000 actions, and when you use these up, you can switch to “relax” mode and use Midjourney to generate images infinitely.

Relax mode takes anywhere between 1 minute and 20 minutes to give you your generation, depending on how much the service is being used and your priority level in the queue.

Pro Plan

This plan was released mid-December 2022, due to popular demand.

  • Cost: $60/month ($48/month with yearly subscription)
  • Fast GPU Hours: 30 hours/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Unlimited
  • Additional Features: Access to stealth mode, which allows you to hide your images on the Midjourney gallery website. You cannot do this with the lower plans.

This is the plan you want if you will using Midjourney extensively, or need to keep your generations private for some particular reason.

Turbo Plan

This plan was released July 2023.

  • Cost: $120/month ($96/month with yearly subscription)
  • Fast GPU Hours: 60 hours/month
  • Relaxed GPU hours: Unlimited
  • Additional Features: All features of pro.

For when the Pro plan is just not enough. That's 60 GPU hours, or 3600 GPU minutes... or around 4230 uses of /imagine.

Aside: What is a GPU hour?

Midjourney tracks usage in terms of compute-time for images, which it calls “GPU-minutes” and "GPU-hours".

One GPU-minute is roughly the amount it takes to do 1 /imagine, 3 variations, 1 upscale, or 0.7 max-upscales. See the image below to see how many GPU-minutes are used on each action on average:

Every type of job in Midjourney consumes a different amount of Fast GPU time.

The standard plan will give you 15 GPU hours/month; that's 1060 uses of /imagine, or in a more realistic use case:

  • 690 uses of /imagine
  • 230 variations
  • 230 upscales

Save money with a yearly subscription

Midjourney has Annual Plans available at a 20% discount.

  • Basic Plan with a yearly subscription costs $8/month
  • Standard Plan with a yearly subscription costs $24/month
  • Pro Plan with a yearly subscription costs $48/month

You can toggle between Annual Plans and Monthly Plans on the subscription page to see the price differences: https://www.midjourney.com/account/ 


Fast Time

No matter which plan you are on, you can add fast GPU minutes if you run out.

 When you run out of fast GPU time, Midjourney will give you several options to purchase more. The bot will send you a message that looks like this:

You can purchase fast time by the hour after you run out; 5 hours is $20.

The hours that you buy will roll over at the end of the month. You won’t lose them when your billing cycle renews.


We think you'll be able to tell from your free trial what plan will work best for you. As we've mentioned, we would recommend the $30 Standard Plan for most people.


Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan to any higher plan.

If I switch plans, will I be charged the full amount?

If you switch from Basic ($10) to Standard ($30), the money you have to pay will be prorated depending on your remaining GPU-time / images.

If you used all of the Basic time -> Standard will cost 30$.
If you used half of the Basic time -> Standard will cost 25$
If you used no Basic time -> Standard will cost $20

Can you gift a Midjourney subscription?

You cannot currently gift a Midjourney submission. The closest would be to gift somebody a pre-paid credit card.

How do I check the amount of time left on my membership?

Type "/info" in the Midjourney Discord server.

How much does Midjourney cost per image?

On the basic plan, which costs $30, Midjourney will give you around 1060 generations. That's around 3 cents per generation!

Can I still use Midjourney for free?

Unfortunately, you can no longer use Midjourney for free, because Midjourney no longer offers a free trial.

How much does Midjourney v5 cost?

A Midjourney subscription will give you access to all versions, including V5. The cheapest Midjourney plan is $10/mo, but we recommend the $30/mo plan for most users.

Awesome free stuff? Why yes, we do have that...

Midjourney V5 Prompt Book: Fantasy & Worldbuilding

94-pages, 200+ prompts and techniques for creating the heroes and lost worlds of your imagination.

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