100+ Best Midjourney Interior Design Prompts




Here's a collection of prompts to use for interior design in Midjourney. Also check out our Architecture prompt guide.

Interior Design Styles

Remember, these styles provide a simplified overview, each can be adapted and personalized to suit individual preferences and needs.

We're using wide aspect ratios (--ar command) to create more open spaces.


Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Think IKEA. It features clean lines, neutral colors, and lots of natural light. It uses light wood when appropriate.

a kitchen with white cabinets and a dining table, in the style of realistic renderings of the human form, anglocore, photo taken with nikon d750, urban energy, woven/perforated, exacting precision, zeiss milvus 25mm f/1.4 ze. --ar 4:3
scandanavian interior design, living room --ar 16:9
interior living room with white furniture and a wood floor, in the style of ray tracing, cabincore, danish design, coastal scenes, monolithic structures, warm tones, american modernism --ar 4:3 


With minimalist design "less is more." Think of clean, uncluttered spaces that emphasize functionality and essentials. Clean lines are important.

minimalist interior design, black and white room, living room and modern kitchen with glass, Natural Lighting, Incandescent lamps, Optical Fiber, Capricious Lighting, Ray Tracing Reflections, --ar 16:9 --v 5.2
an open concrete room with a tv in the living room, in the style of gravity-defying landscapes, poured resin, zen-inspired, quiet contemplation, cinematic sets, coastal views, bauhaus --ar 16:9 --weird 50 --v 5.2


Inspired by factories and warehouses, industrial design includes raw and unfinished elements. It has exposed brick walls, metal accents, and reclaimed wood. It combines rustic and modern elements for a rugged yet sophisticated ambiance.

Industrial interior design, Monochromatic palettes of greys, iron black, and white room, raw and rough materials with modern elements. This design blend of both old and new, recycled and repurposed materials, while maintaining a sleek and modern look, --ar 16:9 --v 5.2

Mid-Century Modern

This style emerged in the mid-20th century and remains popular today. It has sleek lines, organic shapes, and a mix of traditional and modern materials. It showcases clean, uncluttered spaces with a focus on functionality and innovative design.

a living room with wooden walls, large windows and a leather couch, in the style of charley harper, post-minimalist structures, vancouver school, intricate ceiling designs, midcentury modern, angular constructions, contemporary candy-coated --ar 3:2
mid century living room with wooden walls and a large living room with leather chairs on it, in the style of vancouver school, sharp and angular, airy and light, architectural transformations, playfully intricate, light-filled scenes, restored and repurposed --ar 3:2


Bohemian design embraces a relaxed and eclectic aesthetic. It combines various patterns, textures, and vibrant colors, drawing inspiration from different cultures and eras. It creates a cozy and artistic atmosphere.

bohemian design, a living room with blue couches and coloured rugs, in the style of crimson and bronze, italianate flair, green and crimson, ottoman art, textural prints, grisaille, abdel hadi al gazzar --ar 3:2


Coastal design brings a relaxed and breezy atmosphere indoors. It includes light colors, natural materials like wicker and rattan, and elements inspired by the seaside.

coastal interior design, lighter tones in shades of blue, green, beige and white to communicate a relaxed feel, the light reflecting off the water create a soothing ambiance --ar 16:9 --v 5


Traditional design encompasses classic and timeless elements. It includes ornate details, rich colors, and luxurious fabrics.

the living room of a luxurious mansion in paris, in the style of pink and crimson, mediterranean-inspired, layered textures and patterns, fernando amorsolo, grisaille, reflections and mirroring, witty vignettes --ar 16:9


Contemporary design features clean lines, neutral colors, and a balance of comfort and simplicity. It incorporates modern materials like glass, steel, and concrete for a sleek and timeless look.

an expansive modern living room with large windows, in the style of george segal, tabletop photography, dada-inspired constructions, david ligare, light black and emerald, willard metcalf, sleek metallic finish --ar 3:2

Color Trends

Colors play an important role in creating a comfortable and inviting home. Here are some simple color combinations that you can use color to create a space that suits your personal style. You can also include the color design for the materials like chairs, sofas, etc.

This combination creates a natural and inviting space that's perfect for a sunroom or reading nook.

Earthy brown walls with a soft cream-colored linen sofa, rattan accents, and muted green foliage. --v 5 

his combination creates a soft and feminine space that's perfect for a bedroom or dressing room.

A dressing room with pale pink walls with a forest green velvet armchair, natural wood accents, and vintage-inspired botanical prints --v 5

This combination creates a cozy and inviting space perfect for a living room or den.

interior design Warm beige walls with a plush, cream-colored shag rug and textured throw pillows in shades of brown and rust. --v 5

This combination creates a modern and playful space that's perfect for a home office or studio.

Soft gray walls with a vibrant teal accent wall, bold geometric patterned curtains, and sleek metal furniture --v 5

This combination creates a modern and sophisticated space that's perfect for a loft or urban apartment.

Navy blue walls with a plush white shag rug, leather accents, and bold geometric prints in shades of black and white --v 5

This combination creates a luxurious and sophisticated space that's perfect for a formal sitting room or study.

Crisp white walls with a navy blue velvet sofa and metallic accents in shades of gold and brass --v 5

This combination creates a warm and inviting space that's perfect for a formal living room or sitting area

Vibrant mustard yellow walls with a rich burgundy velvet sofa and vintage-inspired brass accents --v 5

Famous Interior Artist

Keith Haring

If you want to achieve street-based, pop art, graffiti interior design you can use [by Keith Haring] at the end of the prompt

A vibrant street art inspired room, with grafitti murals and colorful accents, pop-art inspired by keith haring --v 5

Philippe Starck

Design an elegant and contemporary bathroom with a futuristic twist, incorporating organic materials and soft lighting, influenced by the works of Philippe Starck --v 5

Zaha Hadid

Karim Rashid

a high-tech and aesthetically pleasing home office with a futuristic design and sleek materials, influenced by the works of Karim Rashid

Axel Vervoordt

a modern and minimalist living space with an emphasis on natural light and a neutral color palette, inspired by the works of Axel Vervoordt --v 5

John Pawson

An award winning interior design photograph of an yves klein blue eclectic interior space designed by kaws and john pawson, plants all over, pink terrazzo and marble textures, unreal engine, bright --ar 3:4 --q 2 --s 250 --v 5

Kelly Wearstler

 a luxury home interior with biophilic design elements and a natural color scheme, inspired by the works of Kelly Wearstler --v 5

Cool things to try!

Classic designs are boring. Here are some different interior designs that you might try!

A cool pop-art inspired kitchen with bright, eye-catching appliances and retro furnishings --v 5 
interior design photography, architecture photography, Architectural Digest, cinematic lighting, realistic, hyperrealism, a spacious living room, futuristic, Vaporwave Genre, natural light, Canon 6D, wide angle, --ar 9:16 --v 5 
sleek modern home office, street art-inspired murals and urban accents --v 5
A futuristic home theater with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and comfortable, stylish seating, LED lights, furnished floorings, highly detailed, cinema seats, round lights --v 5
A sophisticated gothic-inspired home office with dark wood paneling, dramatic lighting, and antique accents --v 5

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