Midjourney Camera and Lighting Prompt List (photorealistic, v5 updated)





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Jos Avery gained 30,000 Instagram followers in just five months by using Midjourney. While some praised Jos' AI-generated photography for its stunning composition and technical achievement, others criticized Avery for using AI rather than relying on his own skill as a photographer.

Midjourney will change the photography industry: it will allow for the creation of images that were once only possible through the use of professional equipment.

But the true value of these tools was never replacing professionals or creative individuals. But rather, enhancing their capabilities.

Camera Angles

Low Camera Angle

Low-angle views can be used in conjunction with wide shots, medium shots, close-ups, and most other standard cinematic shots. It is usually used to create a unique perspective and add visual interest to the image.

Retro style low-angle photo from below of a woman, shot on Fujifilm Pro 400H --v 5
low-angle view of a smiling 2-year-old boy. Kodak Ektachrome E100 --v 5
low-angle photo from below of an old couple holding hands at Park, Kodak Ektachrome E100 --v 5

High Camera Angle

High Camera Angle creates a sense of intimacy as the viewer is placed in close proximity to the subject. It is usually perfect to highlight expressions and emotions or to showcase the details of an object.

Retro style high-angle photo of a woman, shot on Fujifilm Pro 400H --v 5
High-angle photo from above of Elizabeth Olsen, wearing a white dress, gold necklace, shot on Lomography Color Negative 800 --v 5
High angle photo of an astronaut in space looking at earth --v5

Bird Eye Angle / Drone Angle

This angle can be used to create a sense of detachment or abstraction from the subject, as it appears smaller and less significant in the frame. It also uses to showcase the layout or pattern of buildings, streets, nature, and other man-made structures. Just like in these pictures!

You can also use ["Drone Angle"] or ["Drone Shot"] prompt

Street Style bird-eye shot photo of a woman holding an umbrella, shot on Fujifilm Pro 400H, rainy --v 5
A bird-eye shot photo of a man jumping at the cliff of waterfalls, shot on Lomography Color Negative 800 --v 5

Side Angle

This technique can be used to create a sense of engagement with the subject, as the viewer is placed at eye level with it. It can also be used to showcase motion or direction as it provides a lateral view.

Retro style side-angle view photo of a woman, shot on Fujifilm Pro 400H --v 5
Side angle of a 20 year old yakuza at coffee shop, shot on Afga Vista 400, diffused lighting --v 5
side angle of a man walking in the streets, shot on Fujifilm Pro 400H, rainy --v5

Back Angle

Using a back angle in photography shots can capture the subject's interaction with the surroundings and provide the viewer with a better understanding of the context. Which is most commonly used for street photography.

back view of a woman walking at Shibuya Tokyo, shot on Afga Vista 400, night with neon side lighting --v 5
Back view of a dog while waiting for his owner outside the house, shot on Afga Vista 400, sunset --v 5
back view of a mother, father and, a baby in the middle walking at the park full of cherry blossom, shot on Lomography Color Negative 800 --v 5

Shot Types

  • Closeup Shot
  • Medium-Full Shot
  • Full-body shot

Closeup Shot

Close-up shots are widely used in portrait photography to capture the subject's expression and emotions. By using a close-up shot, the generated photography will create a sense of engagement and connection.

closeup shot of a classy 1980s british girl, shot on afga vista 400, natural lighting --v 5 -
closeup shot of a newborn baby carried by the mother, natural lighting, shot on Kodak Gold 200 --v 5
closeup shot of street-style man smoking cigarette, shot on Kodak T-MAX 400 --v 5

Medium-full Shot

The medium-full shot technique is commonly used in portrait, fashion, and environmental photography to provide context and to show the subject's body language and movement. Most commonly used to capture posture, clothing, personality and character.

retro medium-full photo of a russian model, shot on afga vista 400, diffused lighting --v 5
street style medium-full photo of a transgender celebrating pride month, shot on afga vista 400 --v 5
punk style medium full photo of a man at concert, shot on Kodak Portra 400, golden hour --v 5

Full-body Shot

By using a full-body shot, you are able to create a sense of scale and perspective. It can give you a sense of the subject's size, height, and location. This is most commonly used with architectural and landscape photography that showcases the scale of buildings, landmarks, or natural scenery.

full body shot of a clown holding a balloon at a carnival park, shot on Fujifilm Neopan Across 100 --v 5
street style full-body shot of a man riding a BMW motor, the background includes a fire burning, hard lighting --v 5
full body prenup shot of a woman beside the beach wearing white gown, afga vista 400, sunset --v 5


  • Weather Conditions to Control Lighting
  • Time of the day to Control Lighting
  • Combination of Weather Conditions and Time of the day
  • Assigning a Lighting

Weather Conditions to Control Lighting


Sunny lighting can enhance the colors and textures of the subject, making them appear more vivid and dynamic subject. Perfect to use for outdoor photography, such as landscape or portrait photography, to capture beauty and energy.

retro style photo of a man, shot on Kodak Gold 200, sunny --v 5
photo of a girl playing volleyball at the beach, afga vista 200, sunny --v 5
photo of a ball on the ground at open basketball court, afga vista 200, sunny --v 5

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is characterized by a mix of sunlight and scattered clouds. You can use this if you want to achieve a type of lighting that can create soft and diffused light. This can be particularly useful in portrait photography as the soft light can help to create a flattering and natural-looking image.

retro style photo of a man, shot on afga vista 200, partly cloudy


Using rain in your prompts can create a range of interesting visual effects. The rain can soften the light and create a natural diffuser, resulting in soft and flattering light for the subject, and the wet and glistening surfaces can also add a sense of drama and intensity to the image, creating a unique and captivating image generation.

retro style photo of a man, shot on afga vista 200, raining --v 5
photo of a couple kissing, afga vista 200, raining --v 5


Snow in image generation can result in a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The soft, diffused light of a cloudy winter day can create flattering and natural lighting for the subject.

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, snow --v 5
photo of a kid playing, afga vista 200, snow --v 5


Overcast lighting in photography is soft, diffused, and even, with no harsh shadows or bright highlights. This type of lighting can be great for creating a moody or contemplative atmosphere.

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, overcast
photo of an Asian model passing by at the streets, agha vista 200, overcast --v 5


Hazey lighting in photography creates a dreamy and atmospheric effect, with a soft and diffused quality. Using hazy lighting can result in reduced contrast and muted colors, but it can be accentuated through the use of warm or cool color prompts.

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, hazy --v 5
photo of a soldier eating, afga vista 200, hazy --v 5


Foggy lighting prompts can create an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere that adds a unique touch to images. The diffused light caused by the fog creates a soft and dreamy effect, which can be used to create a moody and dramatic effect.

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, foggy --v 5

Time of the Day to Control Lighting


retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, sunrise --v 5


retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, afternoon

Golden Hour

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, Golden Hour --v 5


retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, Midnight --v 5

Combination of Weather Conditions and Time of the day

Partly Cloudy Sunrise

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200, Partly Cloudy Sunrise --v 5

Foggy Evening

retro style photo of a man, shot on agfa vista 200. foggy evening --v 5

Assigning a Light

Properly assigning lighting in photography can make a significant impact on the overall quality and feel of a photograph, and requires a keen eye for detail and an understanding of how light behaves in different environments. Effective lighting can help create stunning and visually compelling images. You can include it at the end of the prompt.

  • Left side Lighting
  • Right side Lighting
  • Overhead Lighting
  • Underneath Lighting

Neon Side Lighting

Photo of a mustang, afga vista 200, Neon Side lighting --v 5

Chrome Side Lighting

photo of a titanic heading to north pole, afga vista 200, chrome side lighting --v 5

Diffused Overhead Lighting

photo of a woman in white gown, diffused overhead lighting --v 5

Silhouette Lighting

a photo of a serial killer in 1960s, afga vista 200, silhouette lighting with side light --v 5

Camera Film Types

Each film type has its own unique characteristics and properties, which can significantly impact the photography. Understanding the different types of camera film and their effects on the image can you help achieve desired look and feel on your generated images! From vivid colors of slide film to moody tones of black and white, the right film choice can add an extra dimension to the photo.

Here are some Color films that you can try!

  • Afga Vista
  • Tri-X
  • Daguerreotype Plates
  • Kodak Gold
  • Konica Infrared
  • Fujifilm Pro

you can also adjust its ISO number which is an indicator of how sensitive the color film is to light, from ISO 100 to 3200.

Agfa Vista 200

Afga Vista 200 Film color on photography produce vibrant and sharp images with good contrast and saturation. It can enhance the overall aesthetic of the image which is perfect for photography.

street photo of Paris with the Eiffel Tower, natural lighting, medium, full frame, spring, shot on agfa vista 200, --v 5

Tri-X 400

Tri-X 400 produces black and bright white camera film that is versatile in every photo, can be used in street style, drama, and documentary photos.

An upper body portrait of a beautiful 28 year old woman, holding a flower, She wears a crop top, has glossy lips and. Award-winning photography, Shot on Tri X - 400 --v 5

Daguerreotype Plates

If you want to achieve 19th-century color film you can use Daguerreotype, which produced black and white images on a coated copper plate look like.

photo of a 19th century scientist woman that invented a something liquid chemical in laboratory lab, she is wearing a protective glasses and lab gown, shot on Daguerreotype plate --v 5 

Kodak Gold 200

Using Kodak Gold 200 gives a warm and natural skin tone, fine grain, and vivid color saturation. Which is most commonly used by the professional photographers

Taylor swift working as a barista, wearing an apron and preparing a latte art masterpiece. Espresso machine steaming in the background, in a cozy coffee shop setting. shot with Kodak Gold 200 --v 5

Konica Infrared 750

you can use ["Infrared 750"] if [Konica Infrared 750] prompt doesn't work

street style image of a young model with school uniformed, short skirt, waiting patiently in a parade, shot on infrared 750 --v 5

Fujifilm Pro 400H

Fujifilm Pro 400H is an outdoor and outdoor type film that has a wide exposure latitude, allowing for more flexibility in lighting conditions. Commonly used for commercial and model photoshoots.

A photo of an a photo of a happy 19 year old something woman - blonde hair in a loose high hair bun, taking a deep contented breath, stood in a wild flower meadow with insects and floating dandelion seeds, morning sunlight, lens flare, teal, light grey, white, pastel pink and pastel blue tones Fujifilm Pro 400H --v 5

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