Best Prompts for Midjourney's --tile (seamless textures, patterns & maps)




The --tile parameter generates images that can be used as repeating tiles AKA seamless textures or repeating patterns.

--tile works with models V1V2V3 and V5. It does not work for V4 and Niji.

Note that --tile will only generate a single tile.

Use a tool this seamless pattern maker to get this tile to repeat.

Tiled images have a ton of creative and practical applications! Here are some cool prompts that use MJ's --tile parameter.

Basic tips

  • --c is the chaos parameter: it increases craziness and variation in your results.
  • --s is the stylize parameter: range is 0-1000 and default is 100. I recommend exploring both under and over the default value.


frog pattern, breathtaking illustrated, simple, featured on pixiv, muted colors indigo dark with minimalism, irina nordsol kuzmina, a hazy memory --ar 16:9 --tile
peonies and buds, Baroque Jean-Honoré Fragonard style, seamless wallpaper, pastel colors on a teal blue background, large repeat --tile --s 200
Organic, flowing floral patterns, embalzed with gold, style of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha --c 2 --tile
3d tetris, white background --tile 
modern minimalist pattern --tile --v 5 --s 250
elephant retro seamless pattern, nursery decor, simple, 16k resolution --tile --s 500
monstera leaf seamless pattern --tile --q 2 --s 500


100 x 100 tiled game map with large grasslands and river, top down view, styles of SNES --tile 
game map with varied terrain, style of Advance Wars for Game Boy Advance --c 1 --tile
game map with varied terrain, style of Advance Wars for Game Boy Advance --c 1 --tile
beautiful fantasy map in the style of Lord of the Rings --tile --c 1 

That's the article! Also check out:

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