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Unique Ideas to Make Money with AI Art

There's a massive opportunity for you to build an income stream (or multiple income streams) with AI art right now. You might have some reservations: ...

Use Midjourney to generate and publish coloring books

Coloring books may take time and effort to create, but they can be very profitable products that people love! With Midjourney AI, you can make ...

Make book covers with Midjourney (prompts for 10 genres)

Across social media I've noticed a lot of authors posting AI-generated book covers to real books they have published. Going a step further: some of ...

How to download and run NovelAI for free [NAI Diffusion]

NovelAI aka NAI Diffusion is an anime image generator that was released in October 2022. The tool requires a monthly subscription to use and the ...
Game of Thrones Mobile Game (AI Generated) Caterly Rock, The Dreadfort, Meereen, The Twins

Midjourney Isometric Game Art: Prompts & Guide

Here's a cool future use case for AI-art tools like Midjourney: Game art! That means both the concept art that goes into creating the game's ...

Midjourney V3 generates all 162 League of Legend Champions (based on lore)

Midjourney is advancing fast. We wanted to showcase its mind blowing potential by using it to redesign ALL 162 champions from League of Legends.

50+ Midjourney Logo Design Prompts: The Complete Logo Guide

One of my favorite things so far about Midjourney has been AI-logo design (here are some other amazing prompts to try in Midjourney). When you ...