Midjourney Zoom Out Guide (Create Mindblowing Zoom Animations in Minutes)





One of the most popular Midjourney features that came out with V5.2 is the Zoom feature.

It lets you zoom out of your generations as many times as you want:

As a bonus, you can create animated videos from these images:

Cats living in an abandoned city by martqny

Using Zoom

After you upscale any image, you will be given 3 options:

If your image is not a square, you will also have the "Mark Square" button.

Zoom Out x2

Prompt: skier on slope

Zoom Out x1.5

Prompt: skier on slope

Custom Zoom

This is a powerful option. Not only does it let you changed the level of zoom (the range is 1-2) but allows you to enter a new prompt with new parameters.

Prompt: skier on slope
Prompt: eaten by shark

Make Square

If you have a image that is a portrait or landscape aspect ratio, this lets you fill the space to create a square.

Infinite Zoom / Zoom Animation

While you could you After Effects, I highly recommend ZoomVideoComposer, a python script by Marek Wydmuch.

Using ZoomVideoComposer

ZoomVideoComposer was create specifically for Midjourney images generated with the zoom feature. It's easy to use, takes care of most the work and will generate your video within minutes. You will have to use the command line / terminal.

The script will only work if you have the same Zoom factor every time, and the image is perfectly centered (Midjourney sometimes off-centers the image when you use the zoom feature).

ZoomVideoComposer: https://github.com/mwydmuch/ZoomVideoComposer

Step 1: Download Script

After downloading the script, unzip the folder. Open your command line or terminal and navigate to the folder.

(cd means change directory. Use it to navigate your filesystem)

For me, I would type these commands:

cd downloads
cd ZoomVideoComposer-0.2.0

Your download location and folder name might be different.

When in the folder run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 2: Prepare Images

Put all your Midjourney generated images in a folder.

Rename them in order with ascending numbers. Make sure all filenames have the same digits (if you have 10 images, name the first one 01, not 1.

Place this folder in the ZoomVideoComposer folder.

Step 3: Generate

Type the generation command. Here's an example:

This command uses the images in the folder example, a duration of 20 seconds that first zooms out and then zooms back in.

The video will be saved in the example_output.mp4 file.

python zoom_video_composer.py example -o example_output.mp4 -d 20 -r outin -e easeInOutSine

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