How to find a Midjourney user profile from Discord ID or filename





You see someone generating images with Midjourney in a Discord server, or you find images that are created with Midjourney.

You want to find the user's gallery so you can check out all their images and prompts, but the search functionality of Midjourney's web app is awful.

Luckily, you can find anyone's Midjourney Gallery user account using their Discord ID, OR the filename of the generated image. Here's how:

Find Midjourney profile based on Discord ID

1. Turn on Developer Mode

Click on the User Settings Gear icon next to your name:

Go to Advanced Settings and turn on Developer Mode.

2. Copy User's ID in Discord

Find the user in the Midjourney Discord (any Discord server works too). Right click their profile name then click Copy ID.

If you're on mobile: long press the user's message until their profile comes up. Click the 3 dots on the top-right. Click Copy ID.

3. Login to the Midjourney Web App

Now that you have copied the user's ID to your clipboard, go to http://www.midjourney.com/ and log in with your Discord ID.

4. Edit URL

Now you're going to edit the URL in your browser

Navigate to https://midjourney.com/app/users/COPIED-USER-ID-HERE to the end of the URL, where COPIED-USER-ID-HERE is the ID.

Then I can finally see the user's profile!

From here you can do quite a bit:

  • Follow the user
  • Check out their exact prompts (hover over image > three dots > Copy > Full Command)

That's all there is to it.

Enjoy browsing the creations of your favorite Midjourney prompters!

Find Midjourney profile based on image filename

Let's say you don't know the Discord profile in question, but you do have an image file.

For example, this image:

Midjourney generated image files will have names that look like this:


Broken down, that's:

[Discord username][Prompt segment][Job ID][.png extension]

Extract the Job ID part, that looks like a string of random numbers and letters.

In this example, it would be 8f959dee-b9ae-4254-913b-d1eccca85069

Then go to this link:


Which for us is:

https://midjourney.com/app/jobs/8f959dee-b9ae-4254-913b-d1eccca85069 (Midjourney account required for access)

This is the image page, from which you can click on the user's name to see the rest of their images.

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  1. What if all I have is a Jpeg and bunch of numbers like 336669118_1630942134001850_1699880309719426285_n.jpg how do I find this user?

      • Hello Yubin, sorry, i can’t find your article or section where you describe this problem.
        I would also like to find a Midjourney / Discord User by his generated pictures. And I also only have multiple filenames with numbers.
        – these numbers are always different and don’t include the user number which might be inserted in the /user URL.
        best regards, Martin

  2. I tried this and the link just goes back to the midjourney home page? Does it only work if you have an active subscription?


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