Midjourney Image Prompt Guide (Transform your selfies with img2img and other examples)




One of Midjourney's most powerful and most underrated features is Image Prompts, AKA img2img.

This feature lets you add an image (or multiple images) to your prompt.

The subject matter, aesthetic and colors of your input image will all influence the final result.

Image Prompts are an example of advanced prompts - these are similar to parameters but have different activation methods.

Here's what you can do with image prompts:

<IMAGE LINK> oil portrait by john singer sargent, painterly, oil on canvas
<IMAGE LINK> watercolors, hot air balloon hovering low over a beautiful ocean

How to do use image prompts in Midjourney

Any image you send to the Midjourney bot must be in link form.

That means any link from online will work.

To get an image link from a webpage, right click the image -> Copy Image Address.

In Discord, start a new prompt with /imagine, then paste your image link. Write your prompt after the image link:

(I've used to --s, or --stylize parameter to decrease the influence of Midjourney's default style so that my image style will be reflected stronger. Another way to make your image stronger is to use image weights).

Here's the result:

<IMAGE LINK> girl walking down the street --ar 1:2 --s 70

Images on your computer

If you have the image saved on your computer or phone, first send it to the Midjourney bot:

Then right click the image (long press on mobile) and click "Copy Link" option.

Paste the image link after "/imagine" and then type your prompt:

<IMAGE LINK> watercolors, hot air balloon hovering low over a beautiful ocean

You don't have to add a text prompt; you can use images alone.

Combining Multiple Images

You can use the image-to-image technique with as many images as you'd like.

2 images can work very well; I wouldn't go beyond 3 images unless you're trying to create something strange.

Original images:


https://s.mj.run/Cyg_QpEIH64 https://s.mj.run/l0Ij0_GCMnQ cyborg girl by the ocean --ar 9:16

Original images:


https://s.mj.run/SaRnjotlNQ8 https://s.mj.run/2tVJWdvNVPo naruto neon wave

Your photo as...

Unfortunately, Midjourney isn't as good as making cool variations of your own photos (and keeping your face consistent) as Stable Diffusion is.

You can still see how close your selfies will get:

<IMAGE LINK> male, oil portrait by john singer sargent, visible brushstrokes, al fresco, chiaroscuro
<IMAGE LINK> female, oil portrait by john singer sargent, painterly, oil on canvas

Image Weights (Midjourney V3 & V5)

You can control the strength of the image with the command "--iw".

0.25 is the default weight. As you increase it to 1, you increase the effect of the input image on the final result.

You can not only weight images, but also text. Learn more about text weights here.

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