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[Tutorial] Install Stable Diffusion on AMD GPU (AUTOMATIC1111)





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Windows+AMD support has not officially been made for webui,
but you can install lshqqytiger's fork of webui that uses Direct-ml.

-Training currently doesn't work, yet a variety of features/extensions do, such as LoRAs and controlnet. Report issues at

  1. Install Python 3.10.6 (ticking Add to PATH), and git
  2. paste this line in cmd/terminal: git clone && cd stable-diffusion-webui-directml && git submodule init && git submodule update
    (you can move the program folder somewhere else.)
  3. Double-click webui-user.bat
  4. If it looks like it is stuck when installing or running, press enter in the terminal and it should continue.

If you have 4-6gb vram, try adding these flags to `webui-user.bat` like so:

  • COMMANDLINE_ARGS=--opt-sub-quad-attention --lowvram --disable-nan-check
  • You can add --autolaunch to auto open the url for you.

(The rest below are installation guides for linux with rocm.)

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