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How to use Stable Diffusion Embeddings (Textual Inversion) and the Best Ones




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Embeddings (AKA Textual Inversion) are small files that contain additional concepts that you can add to your base model. This concept can be: a pose, an artistic style, a texture, etc.

Negative Embeddings are trained on undesirable content: you can use them in your negative prompts to improve your images.

This is Part 5 of the Stable Diffusion for Beginner's series:

Using Embeddings

Embeddings are .pt or  .bin files.

Download them (download links below) and place them in the folder stable-diffusion-webui/embeddings (stable-diffusion-webui is the location of your AUTOMATIC1111 installation).

Then write the embedding name, without the file extension, in your prompt. That's all you have to do!

(Write the embedding name in the negative prompt if you are using a negative embedding).

Shortcut: click on the pink models button. In the Textual Inversion tab, you will see any embedding you have placed in your stable-diffusion-webui/embeddings folder. Click the Refresh button if you don't see your model.

If you click on the embedding its name will appear in your prompt.

Keep in mind this will insert the embedding into the prompt. If you want the embedding in your negative prompt you will have to move it manually.

Negative Embeddings

These are embeddings trained on undesirable content, that you put in your negative prompt. They don't just remove bad things: they often improve your images as a whole.


Download link

Negative embedding that improves the quality, details and colors of images. Created for anime models but it works well for most models.


Left: with Negative Embedding, Right: without

Download link

Negative embedding trained on bad hands: will greatly improve hand quality and reduce mutations.

Fast Negative

Download link

Negative embedding trained on a variety of images - includes bad hands.

Deep Negative

Download link

Negative embedding trained on "disgusting images" - unpleasant things like bad anatomy, bad color schemes, upside-down images.

Great for improving anatomy and overall quality.

Regular Embeddings

Pure Eros Face

Download link

Embedding for Kpop idol style faces.

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