How to update AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion’s WebUI (Windows & Mac)

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AUTOMATIC1111 is the best Stable Diffusion UI because it keeps on being updated with new features.

Updating is easy and takes 2 seconds. Keep in mind you are only updating the UI and your models will remain untouched.

Updating on Windows

Auto-updating (recommended)

You can easily set up auto-updates on Windows, so you never have to update by yourself.

In your WebUI folder right click on “webui-user.bat” and click edit. (choose Notepad). Add the line “git pull” between the last to lines that start with “set” and “call“. Your file should look like this:

set COMMANDLINE_ARGS= --medvram --autolaunch
git pull
call webui.bat

Save the file. Now, every time you start your “webui-user.bat” it will update every time (it will do nothing if you are using the latest version).

Manual updating

If you don’t want to get every single update, you can run a manual update to get the latest version.

Navigate to the WebUI folder using the command line and cd.

Then type:

git pull


To update, navigate to the WebUI folder in your terminal, and run git pull before running ./ That’s all you have to do.

Note: In order to run updates this way, you must have installed the WebUI using Git. If you downloaded the WebUI folder as a zip file, you will not be able to update it, and you must reinstall it using Git.

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