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Best Mobile Apps to Run Stable Diffusion on Your Phone




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A number of popular apps use Stable Diffusion to generate images.

However, there's a big difference between apps that use the Stable Diffusion technology (such as Lensa), and the ones that let you use all of the many Stable Diffusion features that exist.

Here's the features I looked for when I tested these SD apps:

Best Stable Diffusion iOS Apps

Thanks to the CoreML library, iPhones can run Stable Diffusion natively. Generation speed will vary depending on your device.

1. Draw Things: AI Generation

Draw Things is an app by publisher Liu Liu that lets you download a model from a list of recommendations, use a local model on your mobile device, or download a model from

The app gets you generating quickly and is intuitive for anybody who has used Stable Diffusion before. If you're new to Stable Diffusion, you might be confused by all of the settings you can configure.

My one critique is that there are too many buttons and they are too small, however I realize this comes with the territory of trying to create a Stable Diffusion interface on a mobile device.

A 512x512 image took me 39 seconds to generate on an iPhone 14.

The app is completely free to use and I haven't seen a single ad.

2. AI Dreamer - AI Art Creator

If I liked the previous suggestion, Draw Things for its complexity, then I love AI Dreamer for its simplicity. The interface is streamlined and perfect for beginners.

Generation does not happen on your phone itself but the developer's servers, so this is a paid app. Lifetime generation costs 5.99. You do however, get 20 free generations a day which is more than enough for casual use!

My favorite feature is the globe buttons, which shows you random generations by other users and the prompt that was used.

3. MyFaceWhen: your AI selfies

Free to try. Put your face in prompts.

Connecting to AUTOMATIC1111 with your mobile phone

Did you know you can run AUTOMATIC1111 on your computer, and access that instance on your mobile device?

Add --listen to your webui-user.bat file commandline args.

Then from your phone, use the browser to access via the host-ip:7860.

Awesome free stuff? Why yes, we do have that...

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