How to stop an ongoing Midjourney generation

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Sometimes Midjourney jobs get stuck. Other times you’re in the middle of a generation and you can already tell it the result won’t be very good.

Midjourney only lets you run 3 jobs at the same time, so you don’t want one to be taken up by a useless generation.

Here’s how to cancel jobs at any stage of generation.

Cancel on desktop:

You can react to any message in Discord. React to the generation you want to cancel with the ❌ emoji. Type :x: to search for the emoji, or copy and paste this: ❌.

Cancel on mobile:

You can press and hold the image you want to cancel (long press), then select apps, then select cancel job.

Can you cancel all jobs?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel all ongoing jobs. You have to cancel them one by one.

If you are finding the chat hard to organize, try creating your own Discord server for exclusive Midjourney use. You can add the Midjourney bot to your server and then create channels to organize your generations under different categories.

Midjourney says you have running jobs but you cannot find them

Sometimes you get the “you have reached the maximum allowed number of concurrent jobs” message but the jobs do not exist.

This is a bug. You can either go into the #member-support channel in the Midjourney Discord and ask for a reset, or wait a few hours and the issue should resolve itself.

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2 thoughts on “How to stop an ongoing Midjourney generation”

  1. I have jobs that are stuck and won’t complete. (I had one that was stuck, and I started another one and it won’t complete either.) But there is no react button for them! I tried typing :x: in the message bar, but it just sends a big X to the Midjourney bot and the jobs continue processing endlessly. Is there a solution to this?


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