Best Prompts for Runway Gen-2 (AI Video Generation Techniques)




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Runway Gen-2 was released in June 2023, and it was a huge upgrade over the previous version. Runway has a free trial, and but the cheapest plan will cost $12/mo.

Runway Gen-2 is a tool that lets you create 4 second video clips based on prompts.

General Tips

This structure works well: [subject] in the style of [style or aesthetic].

You can use film directors, artists or art styles.

hotel bellhop in the style of Wes Anderson, masterpiece, cinematic

The following generic prompt modifiers generally produce good results:

  • masterpiece
  • classic
  • cinematic
masterpiece, cinematic, man smoking cigarette looking outside window, moving around 

Action and Movement

Movement is one of the hardest things to achieve with Gen 2.

Generally, verbs help a lot. For more action and movement, try adding keywords like:

  • cinematic action
  • flying
  • speeding
  • running
cinematic action, high speed car chase

Camera Related

Try using camera-specific terms:

  • camera angles (full shotclose up, etc.)
  • lens types (macro lenswide angle, etc.)
  • camera movements (slow panzoom, etc.)

In general, trying to explain camera movements simply. So instead of dolly shot, you would say something like zooming in over time or growing over time

macro lens, frog on lilypad
Aerial drone footage of a mountain range

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