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OpenAI has just introduced plugins, which massively expand ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Think of plugins as “tools” that the model can learn how to use:

  • Browse the web and filter results
  • Call any API
  • Book your flights and Airbnbs (plan your entire trips)
  • Create recipes based on your diet plan and

How can I get access to plugins?

OpenAI is gradually rolling out plugins to ChatGPT users. Please sign up to the waitlist here. You can apply as either a user, or a developer who wants to create plugins.

How does ChatGPT know when to call a plugin?

The model’s goal is to help the user. ChatGPT will intelligently decide between calling a plugin and handling a user’s query using its intrinsic knowledge. For example, the model may decide that a question about current events requires calling a browser plugin, but may feel comfortable answering a very simple math or science question without using a plugin. The user can always nudge the model to use a plugin by asking the model to use a plugin explicitly, like “Use Expedia to plan my NYC trip”.

How do I create a plugin?

Please review the documentation for how to build a plugin and signup to our developer waitlist. We'll be gradually extending access as we learn more. Once you’ve created your plugin, your developers and a limited set of test users that you control will be able to test it. When you are ready to publish your plugin (either to a public audience or to a larger set of users, such as all of the employees at a large enterprise), it will go through an approval process.

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