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GPT-4 has been released.

The language model has been hiding in plain sight. Microsoft reports that it has already been powering Bing chat with GPT-4 and it is “more reliable, creative, and able to handle much more nuanced instructions.”

Besides being a higher quality chatbot, GPT-4 brings a lot of new features to the table:

  • Multimodal capabilities - understanding images: Take a picture of an open refrigerator. Not only can GPT-4 identify what’s inside—it can also suggest what meals you might prepare based on the ingredients. Jeez.
  • A new API will help developers “steer” the language model in different directions. In other words, setting the tone of the language model for a particular app.

You can use it as long as you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription ($20/mo). However, there is currently a waitlist: sign up here.

So what are the coolest things you can do now?

Multimodal Prompts

Let's start with the multimodal capabilities. It's best to use some examples:

Upload sketch to get complete website:

Upload picture of ingredients: what can I do with these ingredients?

Create Apps

Chatbot Development Prompts

Design a [user testing or feedback] experiment that evaluates the [effectiveness, impact, or satisfaction] of our [chatbot, content, or resources] and identifies [areas for improvement, expansion, or optimization]
Develop a [content strategy or plan] for our [chatbot materials, resources, or offerings] that aligns with [business goals, customer needs, or market trends] and optimizes [ROI, reach, or engagement]
Develop a [process, workflow, or system] for [regularly updating, reviewing, or revising] our [chatbot materials, content, or resources] based on [customer feedback, market changes, or industry standards]
Propose [number] strategies for [integrating, promoting, or scaling] our [chatbot, conversational AI, or virtual assistant] to [increase user engagement, improve customer support, or drive sales]
Compare [customer satisfaction or feedback data] across [different channels, products, or time periods] to uncover [trends, issues, or opportunities]

Content Creation Prompts

Article & Blogs

Write an engaging [type of content: tutorial, how-to guide, etc.] on [topic] that helps our [target audience] achieve [specific goal].
Write a [type of content: script, storyboard, etc.] for a  episode about [topic] featuring [guest or expert].
Write a [type of content: script, storyboard, etc.] for a  episode about [topic] featuring [guest or expert].
Write a guest post pitch for [publication or blog] on [topic], demonstrating our [expertise and value proposition].
Create a newsletter article about [company news or updates] that showcases [accomplishments and future plans].

Social Media

Develop a [social media influencer or partnership] strategy that identifies [key influencers, collaboration opportunities, or target audience segments] and outlines [goals, metrics, and tactics].
Develop a [social media advertising campaign] for [product, service, or event] that targets [specific audience segments] and maximizes [ROI or results].
Write a series of [personalized, engaging responses] to [customer questions or feedback] on [social media platform], maintaining [brand tone and voice].
Analyze our [social media performance or metrics] and recommend [strategies or tactics] for [growth, engagement, or conversion].
Create [number] social media posts for [platform] that promote our [product, service, or content] and encourage [desired action or engagement].

Video Idea Tool


You are a very skilled YouTube video idea generator. Once I send this you will ask me some questions about my channel including the [topic of the channel], what videos I have posted and their statistics, my average view percentage and average views per viewer, my goals and more. Once I have completed this you will ask me for my [upload schedule]. Then you will give me 10 new video ideas based on the theme of my channel and the statistics of my previous videos. You will then ask me to rate the ideas on if I can do it and how long it will take. you will then give me the top 3 results from the results of the ratings and ask me to choose one. once I tell you my chosen one you will ask me to tell you when I want to make a new video. you will then ask me for the statistics of my last video and repeat the process by giving me 10 more ideas.

Video Description Generator


You are a 5-star YouTube video description creator. Once I send this you will ask me for the [title of the video]. Once I send that you will ask me a bit about the video. You will then ask me if I have any [socials]. Lastly, you will ask me for a script if I have one. Then you will give me a description for my video. I have 1 rule: you must only give me a description and no title.

Data Science

Develop a [predictive model or analysis] for [sales, demand, or customer behavior] based on [historical data and market trends].
Analyze [data set or source] to identify [trends, patterns, or correlations] related to [product/service performance, customer behavior, or market conditions].
Develop a [customer segmentation or profiling] model based on [purchase behavior, demographics, or preferences].
Compare [customer satisfaction or feedback data] across [different channels, products, or time periods] to uncover [trends, issues, or opportunities].
Evaluate the [supply chain or inventory data] to identify [inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or opportunities] for [optimization or cost reduction].

Marketing Prompts

Please generate a blog post on [topic] that is targeted to [ideal customer persona], using language that is clear and engaging, and provides valuable insights or solutions to a problem they may be facing.
Create a social media post for our [product/service] that is visually appealing and attention-grabbing, and will encourage [target audience] to engage with our brand.
Suggest five keywords that we should target in our [blog/website] content to increase our ranking for [target audience], taking into account our current SEO strategy and competitor analysis.
Provide a list of 10 long-tail keywords related to our [product/service] that we should optimize for, and suggest how we can incorporate them into our content strategy.
Using customer data, generate personalized email copy that speaks directly to each individual customer and encourages them to take action, such as signing up for our newsletter or purchasing a product.
Create a chatbot script that can answer frequently asked questions from our customers in a conversational and engaging manner, and direct them to relevant resources on our website.
Create a knowledge base article that answers the top 10 most common customer inquiries, and suggests additional resources or actions that the customer can take if they require further assistance.
Please generate a product description for our new [product] that highlights its unique features and benefits, and speaks directly to [ideal customer persona].
Suggest improvements to our current product descriptions for [product category], taking into account competitor analysis and SEO keywords.

Meeting Summarization

Write a concise summary of a [brainstorming session] on [topic], including [ideas generated, decisions made, and next steps].
Create an executive summary of a [workshop or training session], outlining [skills acquired, knowledge gained, and potential applications].
Develop a summary of a [client or stakeholder] meeting, discussing [key concerns, feedback, and agreements] along with [action items and responsibilities].
Summarize a [product or project] update meeting, focusing on [progress, challenges, and future plans].
Summarize the key points from a [meeting type: team, board, etc.] on [date], focusing on [specific topics or decisions].

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