Subreddits that have banned AI images

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As the usage of AI images as well as the controversy surrounding them increases, communities will have to establish clear guidelines around how they want their members to deal with AI content.

Reddit is an interesting case: individual subreddits set their own rules regarding the types of content that can and cannot be posted.

Reactions to AI vary wildly across different subreddits:

  • “It’s the topic of this sub so of course everyone loves it”
  • “AI art is theft”
  • “I don’t really care anyhow but I want people to shut up about it”

Here’s a list of larger (300k+ members) subreddits that have banned AI images. Linked are their official announcements.

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Creative Subreddits

r/Art – Banned

r/pics – Banned (rules)

r/conceptart – Banned 

r/DigitalArt – Banned (announcement)

r/isometric – Banned

r/illustration – Banned. “I like AI art, but it’s not illustration.” – redditor (vote)

r/fantasyworldbuilding – Banned, because of low-effort posts (announcement)

r/worldbuilding – Banned, because AI posts do not cite all of the original creators of all artwork used to train it (post)

Fandom Subreddits

r/zelda – Banned, will reassess again in Jan 2024 (fascinating survey)

r/magicTCG – Banned (announcement) (poll)

r/lotr – Banned, created new subreddit to accomodate: r/lotr_ai_art (announcement)

r/leagueoflegends – Banned (announcement)

r/cyberpunk – Banned. “Both the making of and banning of AI art seem cyberpunk as fuck” – redditor (announcement)

r/dune – Banned because of low-effort posts. Cue jokes because AI is banned in the Dune universe: “Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of the human mind.” – Butlerian Jihad (announcement)

r/mylittlepony – Banned because of plagiarism concerns. (announcement)

r/DnD – Images are banned because of low-effort posts, but you can link-to AI content and discuss AI (announcement)

r/adventuretime – Banned because of low-effort posts.

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