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At some point in their lives, trying out a picture colorizer with AI functionalities has crossed at least everyone’s minds. The good news is that there are plenty of AI image colorizers out there with deep AI colorization algorithms. Tools identity colors by recognizing black, gray & white shades to determine the color they should be. In this article, we’ll go through the top 16 apps to make your old photo albums look beautiful!

What is a Picture Colorizer?

A picture colorizer app transforms old black and white photos into modern-looking ones. In addition, it restores and digitizes them. Allowing you not only to add color to your family’s old photos, but preserve them in a digital format - if not already. With easy-to-use user interfaces, apps like Deoldify & Colorize make filling your old photos with color an easy task

Similar to AI writing tools, AI image colorizers contain a series of algorithms to automate results based upon objects. Writing tools do the same, but based on a writer's input - matching a writing style while continuing a story.

Each AI deep AI colorization tool contains algorithms that recognize different shades of black, gray and white, and adds color in accordance to a photo’s shading. So, if you have your grandparents' wedding album from 1969 lying around, you’ll find AI image colorizer apps useful. Because you don’t need Photoshop or PhotoPEA experience to use one of these carefully programmed tools.

Why Is It Good to Use a Picture Colorizer?

Besides being eye-catching, deep AI colorization makes viewers see black and white photographs differently. It brings a new point of view to history, almost bringing it back to life. An excellent example of this is Peter Jackson’s ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’, which features colorized World War 1 footage that’s been restored to 4K. Although it's far more advanced than colorizing a single photograph & wasn’t entirely AI-driven, it’s worth mentioning because the output is the same. It makes people see the Great War for what it was - rather than a “black and white war”. 

You may have a few dozen black and white photographs lying around your garage. Imagine how amazing it would be to turn one or two of them into an AI color image. You will spot far more details than you did previously. Also, you’ll see your relatives in an entirely different light - making them no longer ‘black and white’ family members. I did this with my own grandparents photo album from 1968. I don’t regret it!

So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using an ai picture colorizer? Let’s find out below:


  • View Black & White Photos in a Different Light: An AI Colorize app makes you view your old family photos in an entirely different point of view. You notice features that you didn’t notice before, and you’ll no longer view your relatives as ‘black & white’ people. 

  • Fast Results: Typically, deep AI colorization tools are stored on the cloud. So, all you have to do is upload your photo, and you’ll get your results within 2-3 seconds - providing you have a stable internet connection. 
  • Straight-Forward & User Friendly: AI tools that turn black and white to color are generally user-friendly and easy-to-use. They require minimal tech know-how, and little input from your end. So, it’s easy to recolor an image. 
  • Restore Old Photographs: It goes without saying that you can restore old photographs. With top-notch algorithms, you can colorize & restore a faded photo - as long as the outline is still there. I’ve done this to restore a few fading photos on my father’s side of my family tree.


  • Many Require Paid Subscriptions:  Developers rightfully want to earn an income from their hard work, developing the AI to recolor old photographs. The problem with this is that a paid subscription could get expensive overtime. Many apps offer free trials, but a paid subscription to access features once it’s expired. 
  • Some Apps Don’t Include Many Editing Features: Apps that allow you to change image color online don’t always come with a substantial amount of 
  • AI Isn’t Always Accurate: You may find some errors in your Ai colorized image. This includes faces getting washed out, hands missing, or absent features. So, when choosing an AI image colorizer, it’s worth keeping this in mind. Consider reading reviews because installing it for yourself. 

The Old Fashioned Method (Pre-AI)

Adobe Photoshop is recognized as one of the best image colorizers, but you need to acquire photo editing skills before using it successfully. You can add color to grayscale photos with various methods. So, you can’t just colorize black and white photos in a single click, but the results may shock you. A good example of this is the ‘Color’ settings that enables you to modernize pictures from decades ago - making them appear as if they were taken yesterday.

No algorithms are involved in Photoshop colorization, but you can remove dust and scratches from old photographs. Also, you can neutralize colors using several layers to make your grayscale image appear naturally colorful. It’s a complicated process for newbies, and you need an adequate-powered machine to successfully run Photoshop. So, we compiled a list of the top 17 Deep AI Image Colorization apps for your convenience. So, you'll be able to choose a picture colorizer that suits you best.

What are the Top 16 Deep AI Image Colorization Apps?

When it comes to choosing a Deep AI Image Colorization App, it’s worth thinking about its features, packages, cost, and customer reviews. If you don’t know much about these AI tools, don’t worry. To give you an insight into what these AI tools entail, we have compiled an in-depth list of the top 20. So, you don’t have to spend endless hours searching on Google.

  • Colorize
  • Image Colorizer
  • DeepAI Colorizer
  • Ezybox’s Colorrr
  • Woord Colorize
  • Img2Go
  • Movavi
  • ColorSuprise 
  • KalloSoft: AI Colorize & Restore
  • AKVIS Coloriage
  • Tong Zhang: Colorize to B&W Photo
  • Luminar NEO
  • Deloldify

So, what do these apps entail? Read on to learn their features, functionality, and platform. You may be pleasantly surprised. This is because they run on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, you’ll easily be able to find an AI tool for your device and operating system of choice. In addition, some of them operate entirely online within a browser, but have an app running alongside them. 

Top 16 AI Picture Colorizer Apps

With AI colorizer photo apps, you don’t have to acquire picture editing skills to colorize and restore old images. It’s important to keep in mind that every AI colorization tool comes with different features, perks, and subscription options. So, you need to think about what you can get for your hard-earned bucks.

Below are the top 16 AI picture colorizer tools and software by efficiency, quality, cost, and user-friendliness.

16. Colorize

Available on Android and iOS, Colorize is an AI picture colorizer that allows you to scan or upload black and white photos. It has basic features, but the AI image colorization is high-quality. Meaning you won’t be disappointed by the results.

 It was developed and released by Photonyme, and they claim the app is one of the most accurate deep AI colorization apps. According to reviews, the AI tool is efficient, effective and user-friendly. It contains in-app purchases, but allows up to 5-6 free shots to give users a feel for the software before making a purchase.

The company included a before and after slider to compare the original with the colorized version of your photograph. They claim that you can see the magic as its added. I can confirm this is true, as I used this software to colorize a few photos from my grandparents wedding album. It was produced in 1968. I must say that I was immensely impressed with the AI colorization algorithm. However, it’s not the best colorization tool. 

If you’re looking to colorize your old family pictures, I recommend using this app. However, there are free tools out there that do the same thing with additional features - including repair and enhancement features. With over 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play, it’s certainly something worth trying. Although, I recommend trying out others before using this AI tool.


  • Automatic AI Image Colorization: You can use deep AI image colorization to bring your old photographs to life, like I did. But, that’s one of the only 2 features the app has. 
  • Before and After Slider: The app includes a slider that enables you to compare the original and colorized photo while they are side-by-side. 

The below photographs are an original grayscale image, along with a colorized version of the same photo. The app zooms in on the image, as colorizes it accordingly. 

Here’s an image of the app in-use on a smartphone. Unfortunately, they don’t allow screenshots. So, I had to take a photo of the screen while using a webcam. As you can see, it has a slider & a done button in the top right corner (left on image). You can also abort the image by clicking the cross in left corner (right on image).

15. enables people to create professional images without photo editing skills. It offers several AI tools to its users with templates. It enables you to remove backgrounds, objects, restore damaged photos, customize & colorize old photos, and enhance faces. In addition, it allows you to upscale photos and personalize art. Although, we will focus on Hotpot.AI’s image restoration algorithm.

If you’re looking for deep AI image colorization,  Hotpot AI is an ideal choice for people who lack photo editing skills and want to get into colorizing their black & white photographs. 

Features include:

  • AI Picture Colorizer: With the AI Picture Colorizer, you can add color to your black and white photographs in seconds - the company claims. They recommend running images of historic figures through the AI image colorization tool to “reimagine the past”.
  • AI Face Enhancer: With the latest algorithms, you can enhance faces that may be blurred or distorted. This includes scratches, damage, wear and tear, blurriness, and unnatural eyes.  Their AI fixes blur and distortion after an image has been uploaded to the company’s server. So, your images will appear more natural with enhanced quality. 
  • AI Image Restorer: Hotpot AI repairs old images that might be in a state of disrepair by removing scratches & sharpening shades to bring you a high-quality restoration of your original image. The AI repairs color and black & white images, so you can fix any photo.  
  • AI Photo Upscaler: Using the AI Photo Upscaler is an excellent way to enhance the resolution of your old photographs. So, if you want them colorized and larger, you can upscale them in seconds with this feature. You could colorize them, and hang them up on the wall to show your grandmother next time she visits -  she would be in for quite a surprise. 

In the below images, you’ll see an original grayscale photo & a modernized version of it. 

With the app, you can choose the colorization factor (12 - 25). Also, you can utilize other features into your modernization process. This includes AI erase, enlarge, artify, fix face, and sharpen. 

14. Image Colorizer

As a free AI photo colorizer, Image Colorizer allows you to restore old photos as soon as you upload them. It’s available on their website, and allows you to drag and drop your back and white photos into its AI picture colorizer. Its features entail Ai Colorize, AI Repair, AI Retouch, AI Enhance. So, you can easily colorize and restore any damaged or faded images. It’s like paying a specialist to recolor and/or restore your photos. 

A great perk of this software is that you don’t have to create an account to use its features. The image colorization AI is quite precise, and the application is user-friendly. One of the downfalls is that there is a file size limit of 3000px for all dimensions. 

Features include the following:

  • AI Colorize: As something they consider a basic AI feature, this feature includes deep Ai colorization. So, you can add color to your old photo albums both effortlessly and naturally. 
  • Ai Repair: Providing your old photos are in a state of disrepair or scratched, you can run them through the ‘Damaged Pictures Restoration’ without having to use Photoshop or PhotoPEA. 
  • Face Retouch: Their deep learning AI algorithms store and adapt to faces.  So, you can retouch anyone’s face in a faded or damaged photograph. So, you don’t have to worry about being unable to colorize them later. 
  • AI Retouch: Picture Colorizer algorithms de-blur and enhance old photographs to make them HD. It has been trained with thousands of HD images to bring you high-quality results. So, your images will look like they were taken yesterday!

To the left is a black & white image. Whereas, the right photo is the colorized version of the original picture. 

It’s worth mentioning that no account is needed to start colorizing images with this ImageColorzer.

13. DeepAI Colorizer

Deep AI Colorizer colorizes black & white media, including images and videos, using it’s image coloration API. So, you can make them colorful and make them look like they were taken in recent years. The tool features colorization and color restoration, which restores old films frame-by-frame. The AI is deep learning, and uses different shades of black, gray, and white to color each part of images and frames. 

You can bring back old family memories by adding color, bring historic events back to life, and colorize every frame on black & white films. In essence, if there’s a Charlie Chaplin movie that hasn’t been colorized, you could be the first to do it. However, most of the surviving footage has been remastered and restored.  

You can upload images that are no bigger than 1,200 XP, but you don’t have to worry about file sizes. Reason being, the software shrinks file sizes. Regarding downloading your output, you simply right mouse click and save it directly to your computer. 

The app is only usable online, so there isn’t a downloadable app. The tool will set you back $5.00 per 100 API calls. So, it’s relatively inexpensive. Below are its features in-depth:

  • Image Colorization: The picture colorizer within DeepAI has been trained to add color to grayscale photographs and enhance their quality. So, you can bring your distant relatives photos to life with some color. 
  • Photo Restoration: With DeepAI, you can restore damaged photos within a fraction of a second with their image colorization API. So, you don’t have to worry about never seeing old family photos ever again. 
  • Video Colorization: With their video colorization feature, you can AI colorize each frame individually of a black & white film effortlessly without the know-how. So, you can add color to old footage frame by frame using their advanced API model. 

Here’s a result from the Deep AI image colorizer with the original photo beneath it. 

The UI is straightforward, and only requires users to upload an image. The download button occurs seconds after the process has started. 

12. Ezybox’s Colorrr

Made for Android and iOS, Ezybox’s Colorrr enables you to colorize your old photographs without a watermark being in the corner. It’s ideal for on-the-go image colorization, and is run by deep AI algorithms. The company stresses that colors may not be accurate within the app’s results. The process is simple, and only requires users to import a black & white picture to be uploaded to the developer’s server. After, wait for the image to be processed. Then, receive your image. 

It’s a basic application that only serves one purpose. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to take advantage of what it offers. Ratings are mostly 1-3 stars, with a mixture of positive and negative reviews. So, it’s not the best app to add color to black and white photos, but it will do its basic job - providing there aren’t any bugs within the software & algorithms. 

Below is a breakdown of its features:

  • AI Image Colorizer: You can easily modernize old photographs by uploading them to the EzyBox server - receiving a colorized version of your image within minutes. 
  • Easy-to-Use AI: The UI is straightforward, as it’s a mere upload and download button with relevant instructions surrounding them. 

Here's an image we ran through Ezybox's AI image colorizer

Above is an original grayscale photograph from Pixabay, and a colorized version beneath it. As you can see, the colors are pretty good here. To add color to black and white images with this colorrrr, you need to sit through an ad first - unless you’re willing to spend money on skipping ads. After the picture colorizer process has been completed, you simply click ‘Download Image’ or ‘Share with Friends’, as included in the screenshot below. Alternatively, you can choose another photograph and repeat the process once more. 

11. Woord Colorize

Easily obtainable on Google Playstore, Woord Colorize is a picture colorizer. There’s nothing much to do, apart from the fact it can colorize images with AI. It contains a deep AI colorization algorithm to add color to a black and white image. It’s free to install, without any in-app purchases. So, if you want to modernize your old family pictures fast, this app is a good option. 

Below is a breakdown of the overall app:

  • Automated Image Colorizer: You can AI colorize old photos with minimal effort and photoshop skills. 
  • Free to Install & Use: The AI photo colorizer is free to install and use. So, you don’t have to spend any money while using this app. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: You don’t have to be tech savvy to successfully take advantage of Woord Colorize’s Deep AI Feature. 

Below is a screenshot of the application. All you have to do is select ‘Colorize’, and select an image from your phone’s storage. This app doesn’t always work. Unfortunately, we were unable to connect to the app’s server to colorize an image to include in this article. 

10. Img2Go

Img2Go is a free online image converter that does exactly what it says on the tin. You can edit photos without having to pay a penny. It contains a photo editor, image cropper, picture rotation, watermark, compressor, resizer, upscaler, and a black and white colorizer. In addition, it’s a file converter. We will be focusing on its AI image colorizer, as per the relevance of this article. With Img2Go, you can easily add color to black & white photos. 

To start the process, simply choose a file, enter a URL, or import from Dropbox or Google Drive. Their black and white picture colorizer fills in the blanks based upon different shades in old photos. If you want to modernize old photographs without paying a single cent, Img2Go is a good option. It’s available online, with its features being accessible through a web browser. So you’ll need a computer to utilize their algorithm into your colorization activities. 

The  below PixaBay photograph was colorized on Img2Go. As you can see, it looks as if the colors were naturally in the image to begin with. However, they seem a little washed out. That's why this picture colorizer is set at 10.

Here’s a screenshot of the app. It’s straightforward, and only requires you to upload an image. Then, press start. After 2-3 seconds, you’ll receive your colorized photograph. 

Below are is a summary of Img2Go’s key features:

  • AI Image Colorizer: The AI-based photo colorizer uses deep learning algorithms to examine various shades of black & white to determine which color should be there. So, images will appear naturally colorized, they seem a little washed out.
  • Photo Editor: You can crop and rotate photographs, add filters, frames, and stickers. So, if you need to turn an image portrait or landscape, you can easily do it with their photo editing tool. 
  • Image Cropper: If you want to crop your black and white or colorized image, you can easily do it with their cropping tool. It allows you to set the ratio and size without priorly obtained photo editing skills.
  • Photo Rotator: If your result is upside down or inverted, you can use their editing tool to rotate or mirror your image both vertically and horizontally. The choice is entirely yours. So, you don’t have to worry about paying someone to edit the photograph for you.
  • Watermark: If you wish to add a watermark to your image, you can easily choose from a variation of watermarks to add to it. In addition, you can add text, shapes, logos, drawing and other pictures as watermarks. This way, no one will be able to claim your image as their own.
  • Image Compressor: You can freely change the size of any image you run through Img2Go. They offer image compression, making image compression an easy and straight-forward process. Meaning, you can effortlessly change the physical sizes of your photos. 
  • Upscaller: Besides compression, if your old photograph has a low resolution, you can enlarge them without losing quality or becoming pixelated. You could do this with old black and white film, as it would enlarge the photos - providing a similar result to getting them produced. 

9. Movavi

Movavi is an image editor that adds color to black and white photos for Windows and Mac. The free trial gives you 10 automated grayscale colorizations. Whereas, the paid version is unlimited - and will set you back $55.38. It is a powerful deep learning AI tool that makes it possible to black & white in a single tap of a button. You simply need to install their app, and import an image into it - then, you’ll be able to see results. 

The app also includes image restoration, background and object removal, and  an easy-to-use user interface. Meaning, you can restore torn photographs prior to colorizing them. In addition, you can can remove unwanted objects or change the background entirely. The downfall is that watermarks appear on free trial results. So, you may want to consider purchasing the app or using a watermark remover.

For your convenience, below are the features:

  • Grayscale Photo Colorization: Their algorithms are designed to recognize what colors should be present in grayscale photos. So, you can automatically 
  • Image Restoration: For ripped photographs, their AI automatically fixes 
  • Object and Background Removal: With their AI, you can detect objects and backgrounds to remove them from the image entirely. 
  • Straightforward UI with Tutorials: The app is easy-to-use, and comes with various in-app tutorials to help you learn how to use the software effectively. 

To use the picture colorizer, all you need to do is add a photo, click on the adjust tab, and click ‘Restore’. Then, the AI will automatically colorize your black and white image. It may take several minutes, but the results may be worthwhile. 

Below are some screenshots from the developer’s websites:

8. is another online AI tool that allows you to colorize old photos. Their website contains an AI image colorizer, enlarger, sharpener, background remover, and restorer. The tool is run by VANCE AI, who claim that you can colorize black and white photos within seconds. It’s entirely browser-based, so you don’t need to download anything - apart from the images that you colorize. 

According to their website, they use Smart Analysis to analyze objects to color in old photographs. So, the process is a little different to the other AI image colorizers mentioned in this article. 

Unfortunately, this happened when we attempted to run black and white images through their online software. 

So, here’s a screenshot from their website:

Below are the app’s features:

  • Image Colorization: Their picture colorizer works fast, and is reliable. Like many other online deep AI image colorization apps, all you have to do is upload an image. Then, wait 2-3 seconds for the output. Then, click on their download button. It’s a straight-forward process for beginners or people without photo editing skills.Instead of detecting shades of back and white, algorithms are set to detect objects within images.
  • Simple UI Design: The UI designs of VanceAI’s features are easy-to-use and user-friendly. All they require users to do is upload an image, and click
  • AI Image Enlarger: According to VanceAI, their upscaler tool allows you to enlarge photographs by 800% without quality loss. File formats include JPG, PNG, and JPEG with a maximum file size of 5MB. We will put this to the test, after colorizing a black & white photograph with their AI tool. 
  • AI Image Sharpener: If your old black and white photo is blurred or distorted, you might find their AI image sharpener useful. The company claims that you can easily turn a blurred photograph into a clear one in a single click. This feature includes motion blur removal, and an out of focus fixer. In addition, it can smooth your edges. 
  • AI Background Remover: Some people like to create collages of their old family photos, or simply remove the background for other purposes. Also known as BG remover, their background remover enables people to remove backgrounds within 5 seconds - according to the company. They use AI background removal technology and deep learning within their tool to help people edit photos like a skilled pro!
  • AI Photo Restorer: VanceAI’s old photo restoration AI restores damaged and torn prints that have been subject to damage over the years. Their AI tool can also remove dust and serpia. It’s worth noting that images can’t exceed 5MB, and the maximum size is 2.8 Megapixels. Within the app, photos above 2000x2000px are compressed upon upload.In addition, the AU photo restorer contains the colorize feature. So, you can colorize and restore images within the same agent. 

How Much Does This Picture Colorizer Cost?

We all love to receive services without charge. Althoughl, that isn’t how the world works. Unfortunately, isn’t free. Before using their features, you need to purchase credits. Below are their packages:

  • 100 Credits: $4.95
  • 200 Credits: $6.95
  • 500 Credits: $11.45
  • 1,000 Credits: $17.95

The company offers a 7-day money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. In addition, they allow you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. So, you’re free to drop out whenever you feel uncomfortable with their application. Also, you can keep unused credits when the month is up, as long as you keep the subscription active.

To give you an idea as to how many below is a table to show you how many credits each process costs you:

FeatureCost Per Automation With 100 Credits MonthlyWith 200 Credits MonthlyWith 500 Credits MonthlyWith 1,000 Credits Monthly
AI Image Colorization10102050100
AI Image Enlarger156133366
AI Image Sharpener 812256212
AI Background Remover10102050100
AI Photo Restorer 119184590

Note: This is subject to change at any given time by the company, themselves.


Available on the web, offers free AI image colorizer that colorizes grayscale photographs upon upload. Without an upload limit, you can upload one photo at a time. Also, you don’t have to subscribe to any paid plans or purchase a license. Based on deep AI colorization models, you can colorize black and white photographs with minimal effort from your end. Also, you can easily view your result after the high-speed AI tool has done its job. It is entirely browser based, and you can download your photos free of charge.

The picture colorizer's process is simplified for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about being an IT specialist or skilled photo editor to colorize your family albums. Uploaded images are temporarily stored on Playback.FM’s server with a temporary URL. The company urges its users to refrain from uploading illegal content as determined by US law, including copyrighted material. So, you can’t colorize an old Laurel and Hardy photo with their app.

Below are the app’s features:

  • Deep AI Colorization Models: Playback.FM’s algorithms are trained to recognize different shades of black, white and gray to automatically fill them with the color they’re supposed to be. 
  • In-App Advertisements: Although the online tool is free, you will end up inconvenienced with advertisements. However, if you are looking to colorize your grayscale pictures for free, this software will do just the trick. 

We tested the app for your convenience with a black & white photograph from Pixabay. It comes with a slider, and offers both a free and premium version of your final result. 

Here’s the original image alongside the colorized version of the photograph.

6. ColorSuprise 

Brought to you by PixBim, ColorSuprise makes image colorization possible with an advanced algorithm and easy-to-use UI. It can help decipher some of the mystery behind old photos by add some color, and users don’t need to have tech know-how to use it. It’s favored by many people because it doesn’t compromise on quality. Also, it gives users the ability to select ‘high color’ for maximum results in the AI image colorization process. 

While being available on Windows and Mac, ColorSuprise is straightforward, as it only requires you to import a black & white image into it. Within 2-3 seconds, the AI colonize algorithm will produce a result. Additionally, it offers a free trial service to give you a feel for the software before making a purchase.  In addition, you get a free trial to try the software prior to spending your hard earned cash! 

The monthly subscription that they offer costs $39.99 without a subscription, and contains a highly-developed algorithm to ensure quality. Originally, the price was set at $79.99, but it’s been reduced. Over the holidays, PixBim offer a flat 50% off one-off purchase without a monthly subscription needed. So, you’ll have access to the picture colorizer, and all of its features for life. 

Here are a few examples from their website: 

Below are its features:

  • No Compression: You can import black & white photos without compromising on file sizes. So, any file size will do to a certain extent. In other words, there are no image size restrictions - unlike most other image colonizers. 
  • Batch Mode: Batch mode allows you to colorize multiple photos on a single import. So, you can add color to an entire black & white photo album in a single import and click. 
  • Absolute Privacy:  Colorized don’t get stored on their servers, and the entire process takes place offline. So, you don’t have to worry about potential hackers stealing your old family pictures. 
  • One Time Payment: When subscribing to ColorSuprise, you don't have to make one payment. So, you’ll have access for life with a lifetime license. During the festivities, you get a 50% discount. Whereas, the normal rate is a mere $39.99. 
  • Free Upgrades: Upon purchase, you’re entitled to free updates and upgrades as part of your subscription. So, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of the software & algorithm. 
  • Offline App: The app works entirely offline, so you don’t have to worry about having a stable internet connection to use the software.

5. KalloSoft: AI Colorize & Restore

As an app on Android and Apple devices, KalloSoft’s AI Colorize and Restore tool helps with noise removal and color correction in images. Also, it has deep AI colorizatoin to colorize old greyscale photographs. It’s similar to Photonyme’s Colorize in regards to its UI, as it has a slider that allows you to compare the original to the new version of the image. The tool also fixes crutches, and is “simple and fast” - according to the developer.

KalloSoft claims their app can make you “COME ALIVE” after using it. They also say you can “Give your photos (a new lease of) new life”. They encourage you to take your old photo albums from your closet, and get your phone at the ready. In addition, they have written that their AI tool allows you to repair old photos without compromising on quality. Bare in mind that I’m paraphrasing. 

Here's an images we ran through the AI picture colorizer.

The colorization process isn’t difficult. To colorize a black and white photo, upload it in-app. Then, wait a minute or two. Afterwards, you’ll see the final result. There is a slider included within the app's colorized photo prompt that allows you to compare the two different version of the same image. 

Below are it’s features:

  • Colorize: With this feature, the company claims that you can make your black and white photographs come back to life - making it feel as if the event within the image took place recently rather than decades ago.
  • Restore: KalloSoft’s in-app photo restore tool sharpens blurred images, and makes colors appear more natural. It claims to get rid of the  “annoying yellow tone” in old pictures. 
  • Descratch: Providing you have old photos lying around, this feature can repair any scratches and lines within them. So, they’ll look far smoother. 

The app has in-app purchases, and is updated regularly. The last update was on November 16, 2022 to improve app performance and stability. Also, the company claims that their app has been designed specifically for iPhone on their iOS App Store page. However, it is also available on Android. Reviews are mostly positive with the majority of ratings being 5 stars,and 4 stars being second place. There are a few 3, 2 and 1-star ratings. 

4. AKVIS Coloriage

AKVIS Coloriage is a picture colorizer colorizer with natural-looking colors and deep learning AI. The company claims that their app is ideal for portraits, landscapes, fashion and still life. It enables you to create colorful backgrounds in dull photographs, and helps to get rid of the red-eye effect with selective color correction, desaturation and colorization techniques. It’s available on Windows and Mac with plugins and standalone versions. 

The software makes colorizing photographs straightforward, and the company claim that it’s quick and entertaining. The AI photo colorizer works by manipulating colors of an image, and replacing them with new shades and textures. It’s almost like a computerized coloring book. it allows you to edit colorized photographs and manually colorize them, or you can edit the colors within. 

Below are is an example from the company’s landing page:

There are 2 versions of AKVIS Coloriage:

  • Plugin: The plugin makes it possible to use the app’s features with a photo editor of your choice. 
  • Standalone Program: The standalone program is an inclusive program with easy access to its tools and features. 

Here are its features:

  • Automatic Colorization: Their picture colorizer adds color to images automatically to replace colors in photos.  The company recommends to ‘Keep Color Pencil’ while transferring photos to the plug-in. 
  • Multicolor Mode: This feature makes it possible to draw several colors with the multicolor pencil within complex patterns and objects with clear boundaries. The settings panel switches to the multicolor palette upon activation of this feature. 
  • Color Library: The color library allows you to colorize skin, hair, lips, grass, trees, and stones. Typically, these objects are difficult to colorize, so the color library contains the necessary variations to modernize them. 
  • Variations of Colorization: Only available on Home Deluxe and Business Licenses, this feature allows you to switch between different versions of your colorized image. So, you can choose which one suits you best. 
  • Recolor Brush: The recolor brush allows you to change colors within a colorized image. This goes by size  (1-500), and the stroke width of the brush in pixels. Also, the hardness of the outer edge of the brush, along with the strength and hardness (0-100 on both accounts), and the brightness of strokes. Strokes get lighter on the light zones of the image and are darker on dark segments. 
  • Tuning Brush: Tuning brush allows you to naturally recolor objects, add shapes, halftones, and smooth out unnecessary details. The diameter of the brush ranges from 0-200. Whereas the strength that influences the image is the 0-100. The smoothing radius gets rid of small details to highlight larger objects. 
  • History Brush: The history brush restores the image to its original state, or segments of the photograph. It includes a checkbox that restores the original image in its entirety. Whereas, you can also restore parts of an image with the tools parameters that include size (1-500), hardness (0-100), and strength (1-100). 
  • Save and Load Strokes: If you're coloring with AVKIS Coloriage, you can save your strokes with a .strokes file extension as you go along. 

How Much Does AKVIS Coloriage Cost?

AKVIS Coloriage offers a 10-day free trial without registering an account. Then, you are required to choose a license package which is a one-off payment. Below are the lifetime packages that company offers to new customers:

  • AKVIS Coloriage 13.1 Home Plugin: This comes with a lifetime license for personal use, basic app functionality, and costs $75.00. Also, it’s valid for 2 computers. 
  • AKVIS Coloriage 13.1 Home Standalone:  The same as the above, but it’s the standalone version. 
  • AKVIS Coloriage 13.1 Home Deluxe: For $90.00, all features are included with the plugin and standalone version. This is aimed at advanced users with higher requirements of the software. Also, this license is for personal use only - and is for a lifetime. 
  • AKVIS Coloriage 13.1: Full functionality for business use, with commercial usage permitted. You get the plugin and standalone version for $199.00, and you can use the app on 2 computers. In addition, you get 1 year of free updates and new versions of the product. 

Note: When working with grayscale images in the picture colorizer, you need to convert it to RBG prior to using the plug-in. Reason being, only the standalone version converts to RBG automatically. 

3. Tong Zhang: Colorize to B&W Photo

Colorize is a photo colorization app that’s is a picture colorizer that modernizes grayscale photographs. Like the other apps mentioned in this article, the process is 100% automatic and uses deep AI to add color to black & white images. It’s machine learning algorithm improves overtime, the more people use it. Available on iOS, you can modernize old photos, as well as enhance facial contour and push a stereoscopic effect.  The app is free, but there are in-app purchases. 

You can add color to a monochromatic photo in a single tap, repair and restore old family photos, fix blurry photos, and retouch family portraits. Similar to the other mobile apps mentioned in this article, you can import your photos with a user-friendly UI. Then, you’ll receive the result within 2-3 seconds. During the colorization process, your photos will be enhanced to become clearer. So, you’ll be able to make the memory seem to come from recent times. 

Sadly, I don’t possess an iPhone. So, I am unable to test this app. However, here’s a screenshot from the iOS app page. 

What are its features?

  • Image Colorizer: Automatically colorize images in a tap of a button without photoshop or other editing skills. 
  • Old Photo Enhancer: With their AI tool, you can enhance image quality and make blurred photos clearer. 
  • Old Portrait Retouch: This feature raises facial contour and increases stereoscopic effect. 

2. Luminar NEO

Luminar NEO is a high-end AI photo editor that includes a picture colorizer as one of its features. It has several features that enable users to create professional images at clicks of a button. Besides colorization and restoration utilities, it comes with AI powered background removal, noise reduction, and an auto-sharpen. It’s available on Windows and Mac OS, and makes it possible for photographers to express their hobby more so with its advanced AI tools. 

With this app, prices vary per package. Educational and military discounts are offered by the company, but ordinary folk have to pay full-price - this can be monthly or yearly.

Below are its price plans:

  • Pro: For $16.00 per month (or $191.00 per year), you get access to 2 Luminar NEO licenses, all of the extensions the app offers, and 10 magnificent skies. You also get a 10% marketplace discount and access to all major platform upgrades. 
  • Lifetime: With the lifetime plan, you get 1 license for a single computer, along with the 2022 extensions pack. Also, you get granted access to performance and stability updates, platform upgrades included. With a one-off payment, it lasts a lifetime. But, i’ll set you back $159.00 (excluding the 2022 extensions pack). With the pack, you’ll be $478.00 out of pocket). 

Explore: Similar to the Pro package, you get a license for 1 computer, a 5% marketplace discount, access to the app or extension’s features, and the ability to use all major upgrades. As for the cost of the package, it’s priced at $10.65 monthly (or $127.00 annually).

How Does Luminar NEO Colorize Images?

As a picture colorizer, Luminar offers various filters for different layers. All you have to do is select ‘Split Toning’ & ‘Channel Mixer’ to start. Firstly, begin split toning & moving the Saturation slider to 100 in the Highlights tab. Users choose a color that you wish to add to the picture by sliding the Hure slider. Once you locate the color that you like, slide the same slider in the Shadows tab. From here, the entire image will be colorized.

1. Deloldify

Deoldify is an deep AI colorization tool based on Python.  It has the capabilities to colorize black and white photos and film, as well as restore them. The app has been discontinued, so there will be no more firmware updates within the tool. One of the best things about the app is that a monthly subscription isn’t needed to access its features. It enables you to turn black and white photos to color - to add a touch of color to your old family albums free of charge. 

The app is available on Android and iOS. MyHeritage and other apps continue to keep the algorithm alive by adapting it into their AI image colorizers. This includes PC and Mac applications. Although its original developer no longer updates Deoldify, other people are doing so when using the same code in their own photo colorizers. 

Below is a grayscale image from PixaBay that’s been colorized using Deoldify on MyHerritage. On their UI, you get a slider to compare the two versions of your photograph. Also, you can download the individual colorized photo or a comparison collage. 

Its deep AI colorization algorithms fill the blanks of where color used to be. So, you can effortlessly generate mesmerizing color on your black and white photographs. Originally released in 2018, the app’s algorithm strives to deliver some of the best AI image colorization in the world. 

Below is a breakdown of its functionalities and perks:

  • AI Image Colorization: An advanced and highly-trained AI that can detect various grayscale shades to determine the colors that should be in-place. Then, automatically colors them in to modernize old photos. 
  • AI Image Restoration: At the same time, the deep deep ai image colorization algorithm  automatically restores torn and creased images, including photos that are in a state of disrepair. Many other AI colorizers aren't as thorough as Deoldify. 
  • Free of Charge & Open-Source: The app is open-source. Therefore, it’s a free for all. You don’t require a license to take advantage of its functionality or adapt its algorithm into your own colorization app.

It may not be as good as paid black & white photo colorizers, but it’s one of the best AI tools for colorizing old images. So, you can effortlessly add color to your grayscale photographs without tech-skills or paying a penny. However, MyHeritage & others may charge subscription or licensing fees for theirs. If Luminar NEO became an open-source app, it would certainly be number 1 on this list. 


While free apps have basic AI image colorization & restoration functionality, paid AI tools offer many more features & enhanced user-friendliness. Also, licensed and subscription-based tools are often higher-quality picture colorizers. In other words, you can convert black and white images to color with more accuracy & precision when paying for the app that you’re using. So, you get what you pay for. 

Mobile phone apps tend to be more basic than computer programs. This is because computers have more power, so you’re able to run AI tools on your own PC or Mac. Whereas, Android & iOS tools run on the cloud through their developer’s servers - reducing privacy and functionality potential. 

AKVIS Coloriage & Luminar NEO are both paid desktop apps that offer advanced black and white photo editor capabilities. Despite the price tags, they don’t differ from each other that much. Luminar is far more advanced and contains more features. In essence, they’re not apps for beginners. For newbies, I highly recommend using, Deolfidy, and Photonyme Colorise to get a feel for colorize photo AI. They have basic features, and easy-to-use user-interfaces. So, you’ll easily get the hang of AI colorization tools in no-time!

If you’re looking to not spend any of your hard earned money on coloring your images, opting for an open-source AI like Deoldify is worthwhile. However, if you have deep pockets. It’s a good idea to opt for Luminar or AKVIS Coloriage. The differences being that there are far more features on those apps, and the AI is far more advanced. So, you literally get what you pay for in the realm of AI colorize apps. 

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