10 Fantastic Midjourney Anime Prompts: Niji Mode/Niji Journey

Midjourney can now create amazing anime images.

Niji Mode (aka Niji Journey) is the Midjourney anime model. It’s different from the standard Midjourney model, and you can use it by adding ‘--niji‘ anywhere to your prompt.

If you want to keep your Niji Mode and standard Midjourney generations separate, you can join the Niji Discord and message the Niji Bot for your anime generations.

I’ve observed that Niji Mode is more powerful in many ways than the standard Midjourney model (and not just when it comes to anime art)

Here are some advanced Niji Mode prompting techniques to try next.

Here are some very cool prompts you can use to in your generations right now:

1. Transparent Vinyl Clothing

As it turns out, rainbow refractions on transparent clothing is something Niji Mode is amazing at, and one of the first things people like to try. Here’s a smattering of prompts that will help you achieve that style:

  • transparent color vinyl
  • transparent PVC
  • iridescent opaque thin film RGB
  • reflective clothing
  • chromatic aberration
  • holographic
  • prismatic

You can use them all at once, however this creates an overwhelming result. We recommend you pick and use 2-3 that you like the best. Here are some examples you can experiment with:

girl, anime, looking at viewer, bubbles, highly detailed, reflective transparent iridescent opaque jacket, long transparent iridescent RGB hair –ar 3:2
girl, anime, looking at viewer with a cigarette in her mouth, highly detailed, reflections transparent iridescent opaque jacket, long transparent iridescent RGB hair –ar 3:2
pixiv, hyper detailed, harajuku fasion, futuristic fashion, anime girl, headphone, colorful reflective fabric inner, transparent PVC jacket, backpack --ar 2:3
transparent color PVC clothing, transparent color vinyl clothing, prismatic, holographic, chromatic aberration, fashion illustration, masterpiece, girl with harajuku fashion, looking at viewer, 8k, ultra detailed, pixiv
masterpiece, 1girl, on train, masterpiece, anime, sadboi, aesthetic, transparent color vinyl jacket, highly detailed, reflections, transparent iridescent opaque rgb girl, chromatic aberration jacket

2. Retro Anime Styles

Some anime fans don’t know how good 80s anime and 90s anime really were. 

Although the animation was grainier and less crisp, a painstaking amount of attention went into the style and art direction.

Try the following designers and directors:

Of course, you can also add:

  • 1980s anime, 1990s anime, retro anime, anime screencap

Mix in your own favorite anime titles and artists!

80s anime still, office girl at desk, muted pastel colors, Yoshiaki Yoshiaki Kawajiri --ar 3:2
80s anime still, man and woman having coffee at a coffeeshop, retro fashion, muted pastel colors, by Tsukasa Hojo and Toshihiro Kawamoto --ar 3:2
80s anime still, delinquent fixing a motorbike, retro fashion, muted retro colors, CRT tv display, by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Tsukasa Hojo and Toshihiro Kawamoto --ar 3:2
80s anime still, girl fixing a mech, retro fashion, muted retro colors, style of Dragons Heaven --ar 3:2

3. Character Design & Concept Sheets

These are a staple of the gaming and animation industries. They help designers keep characters consistent across different poses, angles and expressions.

Try beginning your prompts with:

  • expression sheet
  • character design sheet
  • character turnaround sheet
  • dress-up sheet / fashion sheet
  • items sheet / accessories
  • character pose sheet
  • concept art sheet

You can also mix and match any of the above.

80s anime still, girl fixing a mech, retro fashion, muted retro colors, style of Dragons Heaven --ar 3:2
character design sheet, magical girl blue hair --ar 3:2
character turnaround sheet, magical girl --ar 3:2
character dress-up sheet, magical girl --ar 3:2

4. Gorgeous Anime Backgrounds

These will look fantastic whether you are making a game or a visual novel.

Here are some directors to try:

  • Makoto Shinkai, The Garden of Words
  • Taiyo Matsumoto, Tekkonkinkreet
  • Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira
relaxing cafe in Tokyo, style of Makoto Shinkai The Garden of Words, aesthetically pleasing, muted color scheme --ar 3:2
empty classroom, style of Makoto Shinkai The Garden of Words, aesthetically pleasing, muted color scheme --ar 3:2
aerial shot of city, anime background, style of Makoto Shinkai The Garden of Words --ar 3:2
anime background, busy downtown street, style of tekkonkinkreet --ar 3:2
outside of a boxing gym at night, style of Katsuhiro Otomo Akira film, aesthetically pleasing --ar 3:2

5. Figurines & Toys

Want to produce a toy? You can now, with hyper realistic photographs of toys by Niji Journey!

Using the base prompt: “figurine of…”, you can try modifying with:

  • In class display case
  • made of plastic
  • made of polyester putty
  • studio lighting
  • with box
  • funkopop
toy figurine of saber from fate/stay night --ar 2:3
figurine of iron man, highly detailed, made of matte clay, deep shadows, studio lighting --ar 2:3

6. Using an Image in the Prompt

Here’s one of the coolest things you can do: use an image in your prompt AKA Img2Img.

If you like the design, composition, theme, pose, or colors of an existing illustration, use it as part of your prompt and watch Niji Journey magically take the most appealing elements and apply them to a new image.

Here’s an example:

This is an image we generated earlier.

We love the composition and colors of this image, and want to create a similar image, say, with Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

We’ll use this image as the first part of our prompt, and use the rest of the prompt to specify a new character. This is the result:

[LINK TO ORIGINAL IMAGE] Rei from Evangelion --ar 3:2

All you have to do is swap the character name if you love the style:

[LINK TO ORIGINAL IMAGE]  Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx --ar 3:2

[LINK TO ORIGINAL IMAGE]  Killua from Hunter X Hunter --ar 3:2

Confused on how to do this? You have to paste a link to any image as the beginning of a prompt.

If you only have the image locally, you need to send the original image to the Niji Journey bot. Then right click the image > “Copy Link”. Paste this link as the first part of your prompt.

Img2Img in Niji Journey is amazing, by far the best of any anime generator we’ve seen so far. It merges stylistic elements in beautiful, often unexpected ways.

7. Turning Real Life into Anime

What better use of an Anime-themed image generator than to turn real photos into their anime equivalents?

We’re using the same Img2img process as before.

You can choose how far you want the new image to be from the original using the prompt.

gold color theme, masterpiece, stylish anime girl with long blonde hair, facing the camera, detailed pupils, depth of field --ar 3:2
fashion illustration, male anime protagonist, detailed facial features, aesthetically pleasing, featured on pixiv, newtype magazine cover, newtype, detailed character, poster art, simple background --ar 2:3

8. Turning Real Life into Manga

Same as above, but turning things into manga-style instead of anime.

We’re going to be using prompt weights here. If you add “::-1” after certain words, the generator will try to avoid those elements. Here we negative prompt “photograph” to get the generated image further away from realistic photography.

panel from manga::3 protagonist in manga::1 photograph::-0.2
panel from manga::3 protagonist in manga::1 photograph::-0.2 --ar 3:2


We hope you’re itching to generate cool things with Niji Mode.

To get inspired, you can join the Niji Discord and check out the #showcase channel of the Niji Journey Discord, as well as the international (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) showcase channels.

Want more prompts? Here’s a way to find and use the best artists to generate stunning work. And here are some advanced Niji Mode techniques to try next.

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