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You use /remix mode when your generation came out good, but there are things you want to change about it. You can't exactly reroll, because that would create entirely new images.

Use Remix Mode to change prompts, parameters, model versions, or aspect ratios between variations. Remix will take the general composition of your starting image and use it as part of the new Job. Remixing can help change the setting or lighting of an image, evolve a subject, or achieve tricky compositions.

Remix is an experimental feature that may change or be removed at any time.

Using Remix

Activate Remix mode with the /prefer remix command or by using the /settings command and toggling the πŸŽ›οΈ Remix Mode button. Remix changes the behavior of the variation buttons (V1, V2, V3, V4) under image grids. When Remix is enabled, it allows you to edit your prompt during each variation. To Remix an upscale select πŸͺ„ Make Variations.

When Remix is enabled, Variation buttons turn green when used instead of blue.
You can switch Model Versions when using Remix.
When you are done with Remix use the /settings or /prefer remix command to turn it off.
Create a standard image variation when Remix is active by not modifying the prompt in the pop-up window.

Step 1

line-art stack of pumpkinsImage of the Midjourney Make Variation Button

Turn on Remix mode.

Select an image grid or upscaled image to Remix.

Step 2

Remiximage showing the midjourney remix functionality and remix prompt dialog box.

Select "Make Variations."

Modify or enter a new prompt in the pop-up.


pile of cartoon owlsImage of a pile of owls, generated by using remix mode in Midjourney

The Midjourney Bot generates an image using the new prompt with influence from the original image.

Starting Image

Midjourney image of a stack of pumpkins

line-art stack of pumpkins

Model Change

iImage showing an image of stacked pumpkins changed to with Midjourney Image Remix from the v4 to test model.

line-art stack of pumpkins --test

Subject Change

Image showing an image of stacked pumpkins changed with Midjourney Image Remix from an illustration to balloon-animals

balloon-animal shaped stack of pumpkins"

Medium Change

Image showing an image of stacked pumpkins changed with Midjourney Image Remix from the pumpkins to fruit

vibrant illustrated stack of fruit

Using Parameters with Remix

You can add or remove Parameters while using Remix mode, but you must use valid parameter combinations. Changing /imagine prompt illustrated stack of pumpkins --version 3 --stylize 10000 to illustrated stack of pumpkins --version 4 --stylize 10000 will return an error because Midjourney Model Version 4 is incompatible with the Stylize parameter.

Only parameters that normally influence variations will work while using Remix:

Affects Initial
Affects Variations
and Remix
Aspect Ratio*βœ“βœ“
Image Weightβœ“
Same Seedβœ“
  • Changing aspect ratios with Remix will stretch an image. It will not extend the canvas, add missing details, or fix a bad crop.

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