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Midjourney V3 generates all 162 League of Legend Champions (based on lore)





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Edit: these were done with Midjourney V3. We've advanced quite a bit since then, but I find the older styles quite endearing.

MidJourney's new remaster feature has been creating some mind blowing AI-generated content.

To test it out, I've used MidJourney to create splash screen art for every single champion from League of Legends.

Some characters it gets spot on, others it redesigns completely!

Video with all prompts:

Image Gallery:

How these images were generated

All images were creating using Midjourney's Discord bot.

The prompts are created from the character's name, a part of the official lore that evoked the strongest imagery, and descriptors for art style. An example of a complete prompt:

Blessed with massive biceps and an even bigger heart, Braum is a beloved Iceborn hero, fantasy art, dynamic composition --ar 16:9

"--ar 16:9" sets the aspect ratio to 16:9. With these I wanted wide images that evoked the original character splash art from the game.

"dynamic composition" helps the images pop a bit.

I original used "trending on artstation" to set the art style but I had a lot of fun mixing in art styles like "oil painting" and "japanese woodcut painting", which you'll notice randomly!

Yeah, AI moves way too fast

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