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Anime AI Prompts: Best artists to use




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In this article we'll feature anime artists that you can use in Stable Diffusion models (NAI Diffusion, Anything V3) as well as the official NovelAI and Midjourney's Niji Mode to get better results.

Make sure you check out the NovelAI prompt guide: most of the concepts are applicable to all models.

We're going to be looking for artists that inspire us, and then using AI-tools in 2 ways:

  • Using the names of these artists in the prompts
  • Using our favorite artworks as img2img prompts (recommended)

Danbooru Artists

All AI anime models have one thing in common:

They use Danbooru for a large part of their training data.

That means popular artists on Danbooru will have an impact on your generations.

1. Afukuro

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Futurism, Cyborgs, Vehicles, Girls, Military

2. Kawacy

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Aesthetic Characters

3. Kieed

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Wide Angle Compositions, Vocaloid

4. Rella

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Aesthetic Characters, Mood

Who are you favorite Danbooru artists? Let us know!

5. Nine (liuyuhao1992)

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Aesthetic Characters, Girls, Vehicles, Vocaloid,

Who are you favorite Danbooru artists? Let us know!

6. Keisan

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Interesting Locations, Dynamic Perspectives, Girls, Linework

7. Tomioka Jirou

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Pokemon, Interesting Locations, Interesting Colors, Retro, Sneakers

8. Kukka

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Aesthetic Characters, Beautiful Backgrounds, Beautiful Lighting, Girls

9. Neco

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Character Design, Fashion, Techwear

10. Catzz

Link: Danbooru

Themes: Background Design, Girls, City Lights

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